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"I scene it (weekly column)"

Excerpt from the October 26th 2005 column:

. . . The relatively new Keith Parkins-fronted Tiger Cried Beef followed with a smooth overcast tone. Not happy, not sad, but hopeful. It's interesting and evocative music that, despite its nonchalance, moves with a complex intensity and charm. . . . - Frank DeBlase (City Newspaper)

"Where'd this come from?"

MARCH 8, 2006
Where'd this come from?

...Tiger Cried Beef on the other hand was louder and heavier. Where'd this come from? The whimsical songwriting was still there but these guys rocked harder than they have in the past. Very cool. Their frenetic set made way for Knife Crazy's spastic indie-rock. A little manic and hairpin. It was certainly fun to watch. - Frank DeBlase (City Newspaper)

"Tiger Cried Beef / Charles Bissell · 22 September 04"

I came in with low expectations for Tiger Cried Beef. Partly because of distraction of Bissell and due to the fact that I always prepare myself for the worst. Tiger Cried Beef (TCB) is a trio made up of guitarist Keith Parkins (bassist for Hinkley), Jonah Toll on bass (also of Hinkley), and drummer Jeff Thompson (Retreads). After watching the band set up, I was ready for a rehash of the sloppy, yet entertaining, NYC style of brash-ish rock that everyone’s doing these days. Yet, I was welcomed with more of a Posies ‘Amazing Disgrace’ type of power-pop rock mixed with a Mission of Burma influence for most of their set. I was impressed by how well they played together, their energy, and most of all, their catchy sound. My only beef (no pun intended) with the band is that I could only hear about a quarter of their vocals. What I did hear was great, but what I didn’t hear kept me longing for more. If you see that Tiger Cried Beef is playing out and around Rochester, I highly recommend catching this band. - Mystery and Misery

"Tiger Cried Beef Comin' Right Up"

They could have been Evil Prince Shrimp. But in the slim arena of bands drawing their names from the pages of Thai restaurant menus, they are Tiger Cried Beef

The Rochester indie-punk outfit, which plays Tuesday with the excellent Shipping News at the Bug Jar, is maestroed by local underground Zelig Keith Parkins, who's played with -- or is currently playing with -- the Quitters, Duke Galaxy & the Pipeliners, El Destructo, Seneca Laines, Zoo Music, Kill Myself on Monday, Hinkley and 5 Watt Bulb. Throw in Jeff Thompson on drums and Jonah Toll on bass and you get ...?

"I've heard comparisions to Mission of Burma, Dinosaur Jr., Silkworm, with the pop sensibilities of the Posies," Parkins says.

Translation: Aggressive, cathartic, nihilistic, cheerful.

"There's still the wild dissonant chords," Parkins says of his work with other bands. "But now I'm trying to write pop songs."

The 34-year-old Parkins is part of an active local scene, which depends maybe a little too much on the same people.

"Joe Tunis, he's really pushed a lot, getting these noise bands and avant-garde bands here," Parkins says. "He's pushed the city's reputation for all these interesting things. Rob Filardo's doing the Garage-Pop label. It's nice that there's a wide variety of styles here, that it's not just the garage town." - Democrat and Chronicle

"Tiger Cried Beef"

Quitters alumnus and current Hinkley/Five Watt Bulb bassist Keith Parkins unleashes yet another top-flight rock band (and another to feature Visionstain/Five Watt guitarist Jona Toll). Except this time he has a guitar in his hand, which he uses to paint huge, sun-bursting, floral chords reminiscent of the most sublime aspects of the Who and Queen, but without the pretentious bombast. Might be described as “the very gifted Keith Parkins really tears it up with a psychedelic rock band that’s moderate enough on the psychedelics so you won’t go into work still trippin’ the next morning.” - Saby Kulkarni


Tiger Cried Beef - limited 4 song EP
Four - limited 4 song EP

The Facts About Fascism (CD) (Carbon Records)

Cathode Ray Mission (produced by Andy Bosnak) - out winter 2007/2008



Tiger Cried Beef began during the summer of 2004. Keith Parkins was no stranger to the indie music scene having played in various outfits including a spin-off of the Unsane and a brief stint with Mickey Leigh (Joey Ramones' brother) before moving up to Rochester in the mid-nineties to co-found the upstate label, Trashcan Records, which would eventually spawn Smells Like Records' artist Nod, Dedicated Records' Muler, and Get Hip's The Priests. During the previous year, he had begun writing a large tome that would become the Tiger Cried Beef canon. The only parameters that he gave himself was to be open to anything, to not let himself get pinned to one sound. He drew upon his love of early punk (Richard Hell, The Clash, The Damned), his love of glam (Bowie, Eno, T-Rex), Krautrock (Faust, NEU!), and Post Punk (PIL, The Slits, The Birthday Party, The Fall) as well as the sounds of NYC bands he grew up loving (Live Skull, Sonic Youth, Bongwater, The Dustdevils). He played these songs out solo with friends Otto Hauser (Vetiver, Espers, Devendra Banhart) and Kelli Hicks sharing the bill and was well received. After seeing this performance, Jeff Thompson encouraged Parkins to put together a full unit with Jeff on drums. After six months of playing around upstate New York and opening up for acts such as Charles Bissell (the Wrens), The Shipping News, Kiss Me Deadly, Thee More Shallows and the Dirty Faces, Dennis Mariano expressed interest in playing guitar with the band. Brannon Hungness (Glenn Branca, Hammerhead) joined the band to help support their first cd on the road. Currently, Jay Repp who moonlights playing guitar with Andre Foxxe (Parliament/Funkadelic) has taken over bass duties. Dennis and Keith can be seen in various other projects including Sharp Sword which features Lou Lou from Thievery Corp.