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London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
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"Meet New Pop Sensation Tiger Love"

Inspired by ’70s horror films, bringing ’80s sexiness back (not for nothing, one of their songs is called “Pussy Cocaine”) and with brooding rockstar looks that have girls swooning right now, Tiger Love has all the makings of becoming new pop favorites. The video for their song “Gio Gio” featured what could be described as a musical egg orgy and was an instant Internet sensation, gaining them a solid fan base within a few months.

“The Internet helped us out, our videos made it out to all the blogs,” says lead singer Roy Ben Artzi.

The band members direct all of their videos themselves, collaborating with talent from around the world and presenting an unfiltered version of Tiger Love’s vision. Although they have several prospects, they have yet to sign with a record label.

The trio of Roy, Gigi and Loral played their first set of gigs in New York City, rocking crowds at Webster Hall and Soho House with their mixture of rock, pop and disco. They want nothing more than to see their fans dance.

“When you are an artist and you see the crowd on their feet, moving, it’s really inspiring — you get real buzz,” says Ben Artzi.

Unfortunately an impending hurricane kept them from performing at Escape To New York. That did not stop the band from entertaining themselves while they were in Southampton, making a parked golf cart their own for a joy ride before abandoning it. They now have self-proclaimed fugitive status in the beachtown.

Tiger Love is also taking the fashion world by storm. Label NMRKT was the fashion consultant of their recent NYC performances. The band is scheduled to play at several events during fashion week, although they could not disclose which ones yet.

Fashion week is just around the corner so New Yorkers who missed the band the first time around can keep their eyes peeled for upcoming gigs. For global fans, they are performing at Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands this weekend and have upcoming gigs in Israel with Mark Ronson.

Those who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Tiger Love perform or are in mood for a musical egg fantasy, here is the video to “Gio Gio.” - societe perrier

"Tiger Love Channeled Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll at SoHo House"

If there's one thing that I can say about last night's Tiger Love show (their third in the US) at the opulent, members-only SoHo House it's that I've never seen a band play a show that has fit a venue so perfectly. Simply put, SoHo House's roof bar looked like a drug kingpin's pad from the halcyon days of coke and Tiger Love sounded like his house band. The heavily hyped New YorkIsrael-bred, London-based trio whose minor viral video hit "Gio Gio" featured models writhing in egg yolks while the band rocked out in white leather jackets, had more than a hint of '80s sleaze about them. They had a keyboard that was encased in glass and lit from the front with an eerie blue light, the singer used most of his sparse stage banter praising America's "great people and great drugs" and asking for scotch refills, and they closed their set with the awesomely-titled "Pussy Cocaine" which is about exactly what it sounds like it's about. Musically, everything about Tiger Love should have annoyed me: They abused multiple arpeggiators, slapped a bass, and their drummer was stuck playing a permanent disco beat. But the melodies and choruses were all present and accounted for, the band were in lockstep, and everything totally worked. I don't know whether it was the glamorous, out-of-time roof bar, the totally absurd music, or the fact that the band sold their clearly ironic meaningless sex and endless partying jams with such totally straight faces, but Tiger Love made songs that I'd ordinarily hate sound like hits.
- papermag.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Tiger Love, an indie-electronic-pop trio based in London, was formed by brothers Roy (vocals, keyboards and guitar) and Gigi (guitar and keyboards) who joined drummer Loral in the summer of 2010.

The band generated a huge international buzz on the media when their first
self directed video "Pussy Cocaine" instantly received thousands of views from all over the world, spread like wildfire across the internet and rocketed into the Hypem.com
top 10 chart.

Tiger Love's next video release "Gio Gio" has also received huge attention on the web, reaching the most popular post on Hypebeast.com and No. 1 video at Hypetrak , and was posted immediately in hundred of blogs.
The Dynamic Trio have recently played at the Popadelica Festival in Sweden, performed as main support act for Uffie on her UK tour, for Hurts and more.
The band will begin their Summer 2011 Tour in Columbia- South America, followed by the
Escape to NY Festival in New York, opening act for Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.
and a highly anticipated performance at the Lowlands Festival 2011
In Amsterdam.