Tiger Stripes at Night

Tiger Stripes at Night

 New York City, New York, USA

Romulus Ate is a pop performance group that combines electronic-rock music, contemporary dance, and theatrical lighting into a portable spectacular. With fashion inspired costumes, a 13 person cast, and a rock-show attitude, Romulus creates a completely energized sensory experience.


Romulus Ate brings four musicians, five dancers, and two technicians, onstage and is supported offstage by a makeup artist and a costume designer/technician. These Texas artists want nothing more than to spread their performance to anywhere and everywhere they can take it.

The live performance has been recorded, but as band members are proud to say, nothing can beat the live show. Romulus infuses largely electronic pop music with raw rock energy and a passion for theatrics. With lyrics in english and spanish Romulus' music pulls influences from rock, pop, hip/hop, hardcore, electronic, reggaeton, and orchestral genres. The music is a mix of live instruments and sequences, live vocals and vocal processing, and consistently gets the club dancing. The most important thing during a Romulus Ate show, is the audience experience.

Romulus began as a project in the University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance between undergraduate students form the theatre department, dance, and the Longhorn Band. The original show went up in the UT LAB Theatre and has since moved off campus and around Texas. Whether packing into borrowed minivans or crashing on friend's floors, Romulus is ready to get out and play!

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