Tiger Surprise

Tiger Surprise


Twisted and beautiful... Soft seringes. Everybody's music.


Tiger Surprise cannot be summarized all to easilly as their sound is ever developing. However, they are fluid and surreal, catchy and simple- a blueberry pie... marbles and rainbows. Landscaping chord movements and humble melodies. Cinematic reprise and static electricity. Clouds and grand prizes. Smiles and good songs, memories and love. Mealoncoly frowns, ripe money and work. "Give the listener a fighting chance." "Let them have all the cake they can eat!" Structures exciting and unparalleled monumental faces. Electricute yourself. Sing songs...Tiger Surprise!
The Chicagoist thinks "it's only a matter of time before indie heads and blogs alike are singing Tiger Surprise's praises from the end of every "dive bar" in the city"


What the Bird Said- single
Working Title- single
Tiger Surprise -self titled LP
What the Bird Said- airplay WXAV Chicago

Set List

We change our setlist from show to show, due to the number of repeat attenders.
We tend to play 20 to 40 songs dominantly original/ fractionally cover, dependeing on set time.
We prefer a set of 45 to 1 hr being that we organize a spectacle, we are enertainers!