Tight Jeans

Tight Jeans


Tight Jeans is a duo that sounds like a 5 piece. Bass player? What bass player? We go from quiet to very loud, and slow to fast. With these dynamics we have created our own style of rock that is something old, something new, and something you should get right into.


Tight Jeans is Liam Less and Karen J. Lum. Conceived in January of 2012, we have taken off like a rocket into the atmosphere. Coming from 25 years of combined experience in various genres of bands, Tight Jeans has played our hearts out over the past four months.

"What do you sound like?" is a question we've heard a lot. With our influences being very '90s oriented (Nirvana, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr...) we pride ourselves in making dark yet melodic rock music that is still very accessible. The drums are big, the guitar is five in one and the sky is the limit.


We are currently working on our first EP, set to drop June 2012.