Tight Pants Syndrome

Tight Pants Syndrome

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Tight Pants Syndrome wield the fiercest harmonies and melodies in town, with multiple layers of pop sugar spun into catchy songs. -The Riverfront Times' BEST POP BAND


In the world of Tight Pants Syndrome—a constantly evolving lineup of Saint Louis' finest popsters led by songwriter/guitarist Tom Stephens—everybody sings. The latest group—featuring Brian McClelland (Maxtone Four), keyboardist Jenn Falzone (The Paper Dolls), Paul Bordeaux (Roger From The Dark) on guitar, and recent addition Jeff Hess on drums—carries on in the tradition of the original 2005 lineup, keeping big harmonies and lightning-hot pop hooks in the forefront of their shimmering '60s pop. The Pants are releasing their sophomore full length, Fully Attractive, on October 6, 2010.



St. Louis power pop collective Tight Pants Syndrome celebrates the release of their long awaited sophomore full length, FULLY ATTRACTIVE, at Off Broadway (St. Louis) on October 2, 2010. The record will be available in select stores and online retailers four days later. As a bonus for fans, limited numbered copies of a special new EP, DON’T PANIC, will be included with purchase of the FULLY ATTRACTIVE CD at the show.

FULLY ATTRACTIVE’s explosive 17 tracks showcase the combined talents of four very distinct lead vocalists—longtime member and bassist Brian McClelland (“New Hit Record,” “I Shop for Sugar,” “Gimme Tonite”), keyboardist/guitarist Tim McAvin (“Ravishing in Black,” “Honey,” “What Will I Do”), keyboardist Jenn Malzone (“Get Outta My Haircut,” “Telephone,” “Waiting On a Signal”), and Erin Hogan (“Rebound,” “All of the Way”)—taking what made TPS stand out, huge shimmering ‘60s pop vocals buoyed by co-founding member Tom Stephen’s lightning-hot, hook-laden tunes, and turning up the heat a few notches.

The group’s most ambitious recording yet, FULLY ATTRACTIVE opens with the rollicking fanfare of “New Hit Record (Tammy),” referred to by McClelland as “our kitchen sink song, ‘cause we fit pretty much everything in there: tympani, a string section (provided by Brien Seyle of The Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra), a real harp, guest vocalists…even a tambura app Tom played from his iPhone.” The result is a stunning large-scale explosion of Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys meets Paul McCartney and Wings at their most rocking.

Speaking of PM&W—a smoking cover of their classic rock anthem “Jet” is included as an unlisted bonus track on a new limited edition TPS EP, DON’T PANIC, to be given free with the purchase of FULLY ATTRACTIVE at the CD release show. The EP (also featuring 8 new originals) came about as Stephen’s reaction to the lengthy FULLY ATTRACTIVE production, the idea being to throw down quick and dirty inspiration on tape (playing the drums and many of the basic tracks himself) and record the vocals gang-style in a couple of drunken singalongs. The finished recording plays like an exuberant and accidentally recorded afterparty in a damp South Side basement, which, Stephens admits, “It pretty much was.”

This lo-fi approach is what the band plans on focusing on over the next several months—intending to regularly release EPs every few months, just like in the early days of TPS, circa 2004.

The knockout current performing lineup consists of Paul Bordeaux (Roger from the Dark) on guitars/vocals, Jeff Hess (The Geargrinders, The Unmutuals) on drums/vocals, Jenn Malzone (Paper Dolls, Middle Class Fashion) on vocals/keyboards, Brian McClelland (Maxtone Four, Middle Class Fashion) on vocals/bass, and Tom Stephens (bart starr, The Flamerz) on guitar.

McAvin’s new outfit, Karate Bikini—also featuring co-founding TPS member Joe Scanlon—will open the CD release show.

So, what’s the deal with the always evolving lineup? McClelland explains that “once the lineup started shifting again during this recording, with Erin going to Hollywood, Tim to Karate Bikini, and one of the best drummers I’ve played with, Scott Hermes, selling his kit and retiring from drumming altogether, Tom and I started rethinking this band as more of a loosely structured collective where members are free to come and go—but the bottom line is that it remains a bunch of friends who really get off on playing on each other’s stuff in an unusually ego-free environment. It’s a blast.”


Singles (June 24, 2008 / Blip Blap Records & Tapes)
Fully Attractive (October 6, 2010 / Blip Blap Records & Tapes)

Don't Panic (October 6, 2010 / Blip Blap Records & Tapes)

A Very Bert Dax Christmas Vol. 4 (CD 2005)
w/"How Did You Get To be Mine (This Christmas)"
The Space Parlour: Live in St. Louis Series 2009 (CD 2009 KDHX #0013)
w/"Breakin' Up With You's Been Great" & "Cocksure" [unlisted bonus track]

Set List

"I Wanna Wait"
"New Hit Record"
"Dumb Love"
"I Shop For Sugar"
"Oh Keith"
"Get Out of My Haircut"
"Ravishing in Black"
"What Will I Do?"
"Waitin' on a Signal"
"Fuckin’-A Right"
"Love is Hot"
"Your Buzz is Safe With Me"
"I Just Wanna Get Inside Ya"
"Eleanor" (The Turtles cover)