Tight Tight Crotch

Tight Tight Crotch


Tight Tight Crotch is a Taiwanese Indie Band, our music shows post-punk and garage-revival band influence, come to see TTC, and get wasted with us.


Tight Tight Crotch (vocalist and guitarist Lanmo Chang, guitarist Nandrew Wu, bassist Wang-Tong Hsieh, and drummer Travis Lin) were formed in 2011 in Taipei. Their music shows post-punk and garage-revival band influence. The energetic, and sometimes fiery, music they play, together with their whimsical lyrics, which at times show moments of self-doubt and confusion, are a mesmerizing combination that makes their listeners travel back in time, and reminisce about their adolescent years. Tight Tight Crotch have recently released their first EP ‘isLand’. They are a band well worth watching out for.


EP "IsLand"