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"Theres A Wild One Going On"

Mixed Well With Clean Breaks
Distinguished instument work and a great arrangement. The rhythm guitar track is at the perfect volume to compliment the horns. The bass stays in the pocket so well, I wish it was allowed a little more attention. Nevertheless, right in time with the drummer. The vocal tone and articulation is great, allowing and fitting in with the feel of the music. Mixing was good, and precise attention to panning paid off. This song is impressive.
Reviewed by: thomashornor from Bastrop, Louisiana

Funky Goodness
I'm not sure what drew my attention first, the horn parts (YAY! Someone's got the guts to add horns to the blues) or the funky tripled up horn/bass/guitar bass line. This is such a dancing piece. The vocals are dancing with the drums who dance with the guitar/bass combo who dance with those horns. AND WHY ISN'T THERE AN EXTRA CREDIT BOX FOR HORNS? OH YEAH...as I'm writing me ears are getting the treat of a lifetime. I'm getting a great series of leads - first the muted horn (sounding like Miles when he was in a good mood) and then a TASTY guitar lead. This thing moves and seduces you like a lover in heat. This is the first time reviewing in garageband where I've looked up at the timer and wanted this thing to be 20 minutes long and being disappointed that I have only 20 seconds left. You can bet I'm hitting the repeat button a few times. Don't change a thing, my friends. You have it all in one package.
Reviewed by: rahfiddle from Alameda, California

Awards! Track of the Day on 9Jun2006 in Blues Rock
Track of the Day on 29Jul2006 in R&B
#12 Best Programming in Blues Rock, all-time
#20 Feel Good Track in Blues Rock, all-time
Best Male Vocals in Blues Rock, week of 12Jun2006
Best Drums in Blues Rock, week of 5Jun2006
Best Bass in Blues Rock, week of 5Jun2006
Best Programming in Blues Rock, week of 24Jul2006
Best Production in Blues Rock, week of 24Jul2006
Best Lyrics in Blues Rock, week of 5Jun2006
Best Lyrics in Blues Rock, week of 12Jun2006
Best Mood in Blues Rock, week of 24Jul2006
Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 24Jul2006
- Garageband

"Driving Back To Your Arms"

oh boy, it's herb alpert and the tijuana brass. Diggin the 70's funk/jazz vibe here. Trumpets are sychopated and tight. The James Brown groove is pretty slick as well. yeah lyrics are bangin man. Drummer is positively soulful and funkdafied. So ya like the beatles...well I could tell by this song but hey you gotta keep your pimp hand strong right!!!....uh...yeah whatever!
Great trumpet solo here, love the mute, really let's the trumpet cut right through the mix and dig in. Is that a flugel horn that takes a mean solo next...yeah great groovin lines!
Bass player is the man here. Effortlessly holdin down the 1-4-5 with no flubs!
Great tune man...keep up the good work.
Reviewed by: heathergrooves from Fort Myers, Florida - Garageband

"When I Get To Feel This way"

Waundering Woes of Working Welders
Wacky intro. The traveling beat is fun and would be great to dance to, perhaps a fast-ten step. The bass/percussion combination is what really hooked me in on this song. Lyrics have an almost union feel, blue-collar anthem all the way. I don’t know the title of this song but Ballad of the Welder would be a good start. This song is to welders as Lee Majors’s Unknown Stuntman was to the stuntmen of the world. This song moves fast. It takes a very skillful vocalist to perform a song this quick and still maintain some resemblance of enunciation. This is very fun song; the instrumentation is a little wacky at times, but anyone that chews on sparks all day would have to be a little wacky, too as a coping mechanism so the mood fits the song. I can see this song getting grass roots support from welders across America. MIG& TIG welders unite and a few unions getting behind it, too. This song won’t quite get the same meteoric airplay as Johnny Paycheck’s Take This Job And Shove It, but it should do pretty well.

Technically, everything comes together pretty smooth. There is a lot of heart and soul in this song. The pans are pretty well done, I think I might move the background vocals just a hair toward center but the effect is interesting as is.

This song works on many levels. And after listening to it a couple of times it quickly grows on you in a good way. You have done a great job on this track.
Reviewed by: tstrong2 from Riverside, California - Garageband


NE OBLIVISCARIS (never forget)
listen to the tunes at



This project is primarily the work of Colin and Chris Campbell
Colin has been playing music professionally for the past 35 years. He has also been a Music Educator in B.C. and Yukon for the last 25 years.
Colin's playing career has taken him through large portions of Canada, the U.S., Cuba, Mexico and Central America.
He has also traveled extensively over the Continent with many of his Secondary School Jazz and Concert Bands.
Colin continues to work on a regular basis with several Bands in Victoria, as well as teaching instrumental music in the Victoria School District.
Chris has spent the last 25 years working in the shutdown maintenance world of industry, (oil field, pulp and paper, power generation etc..)
The songs are roughly based on and about the life and struggles that people who work in this field go through,
Places like Edmonton ,Calgary and Fort MacMurry Alberta, Central Ontario and all sorts of places in the United States have people who live "the dream"
There is no one style of music to this band as they need to relate to a wide age bracket of tradespeople, there is definately something in the CD for everyone.

Personal Bio Sheet

NFLD / Maritimes / Quebec
Chris having worked in and around, Come By Chance (NARL Site), Irving Oil.
Having worked with guys who were from The Rock from St John’s out to Stephenville,
Yarmouth and Cape Breton, St John and up Miramichi way.
Charloteetown over to Edmunston. Probably a few out to Labrador City for a spell now.
Having lived in Halifax
Colin having attended Dalhousie Unversity in the early to mid 70's.
Got his first introduction to Cape Breton fiddling at this time
Directed Yukon Contingent for the National Arts Festival in 1985
with a tour from St John's to Corner Brook.
Worked at the Volvo plant Dartmouth.
Worked the CN line from Halifax to Montreal

Chris having worked in and around Esso Sarnia up to the mills in Thunder Bay way
and having worked with guys who were from Ottawa to Sarnia and up to Kenora
Having lived in T.O. up to Thunder Bay (born in Kitchener)
Colin having
Attended Carleton University in Ottawa.
Worked and played in the Toronto area for several years.
Worked in the Paper Mill in Thunder Bay.

Manitoba / Saskatchewan / Alberta
Chris having worked in and around, The Pas and Winnipeg
and having worked with guys who were from Transcona to Flin Flon
From Estavan ,Regina, Prince Albert and the Cold Lake Area
Chris having worked in and around, Fort Mac down to Walsh , yeah its down south
and having worked with guys who were from all over Alberta ,
(from all over Canada for that matter when it comes to trades people in Alberta)
Having lived in Calgary and Edmonton, Wife and Kids were born in Edmonton,
Being a member of Local 146.
Having travelled the Prairies extensively

Chris having worked in and around From Hydro in Vancouver to most mills in the province all the up to Helmutt.
and having worked with guys who were from all over the province
Having lived in Vancouver and now on The Island where the CD was produced.
And where Colin is currently still doing his Music Educator job and doing at few gigs at Swans, Barts,
La Piola, Blues Society, The View, The Harewood ,
(this is for the first quarter of 2008 if you are looking to catch him play)
With bands like Zjazz and The Gary Preston Blues Band , MR Reziztor or his High School Bands
Colin also worked in the Hemlock mill in Tahsis

Territories and Up North
Chris having worked in and around Norman Wells, Yellowknife
and having worked with guys who were from all over
Colin having Spent 7 years in Whitehorse.
Travelled over a large part of Yukon, Northern BC and parts of Alaska
Playing music from Gerdie's in Dawson City to the Kopper King in Whitehorse,
Faro to Skagway, Juneau to Fairbanks to Atlin.