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"DMX Concert 'Riot' Blown Out Of Proportion, Manager, Police Say Rapper was 90 minutes late to show in Colorado on Friday, prevented by security from taking stage."


After years of run-ins with the law, DMX has largely kept his name out of the headlines since his release from jail in May. And while he's scheduled to participate in a mixed-martial arts bout in December, X (born Earl Simmons), got into an unexpected scuffle on Friday night in Colorado Springs when he showed up to a charity show only to be barred from taking the stage.

According to amateur video of the incident, when X and his crew arrived at the Phil Long Expo Center for the show on Friday, they were confronted by venue security, who threatened to arrest the rapper and his entourage if they tried to take the stage. Explaining that the frequently tardy MC — who arrived after 11 p.m. — was supposed to perform at 9:30, security guards attempted to block DMX from taking the stage.

"Earl's DJ went out to do soundcheck and the promoter said he was trying to build up the crowd, so he said, as opposed to 9 p.m., could you have him here at 11 p.m.?" explained X's manager, Nakia Walker. "[His road manager] said that was fine and she called me because the promoter had said they have permits that say they had to close at a certain time, but if that's what he's saying, that's fine." According to Walker, when X's DJ pulled up at 11, followed shortly after by the rapper, he was told that the MC would not be performing because he was late.

"X is a different man now, and in the past he would have gotten angry and blown up, but he gets out and sees people leaving and sees them angry and he starts a prayer in the parking lot to get them calmed down," she said. "Now the crowd is following him back into the building and security is trying to prevent him from getting on the stage." X finally made it to the stage, by which point the sound gear was mostly packed up, preventing him from performing.

While a number of online accounts have claimed that a riot broke out over the incident, and Walker claimed that the local SWAT team was called out when a fan yelled 'F--- the police," Colorado Springs Police Department spokesperson Lieutenant David Whitlock said there was no disturbance to speak of.

"I don't even know if 'clash' is the right word [to describe the scuffle with security officers]," Whitlock said. "It was a minor dispute between the security guards and Mr. Simmons, and our officers never had any contact with Mr. Simmons. It was hardly a riot." Whitlock did clarify that his officers were not involved in preventing X from performing and that no one was arrested in the incident.

X's publicist, Pam Pinnock, said she was injured in the scuffle and though she did not suffer a concussion, as reported, she did have "minor face cuts from someone's boots when I fell and they jumped across my head" as well as some scratches on one of her knees when she got knocked down by a fan rush.

As seen in the fan video of the incident, X was angry when told he couldn't take the stage and informed that fans had already been told he wouldn't be showing up. At one point, a security guard threatened to arrest DMX if he tried to get onstage, to which X responded, "[Arrest me] for what? You ain't no police. I've been paid to perform."

Reps for the promoter of the show, Soulclay Entertainment, could not be reached for comment.

The gig was a slated to be a fundraiser for American Charities, a local non-profit emergency food pantry and clothing center. Along with DMX, the show was supposed to feature appearances from a number of local MCs, including Black Pegasus, Macatic Crew, I AM HIP ROCK, Ti'Jean, Hustle Hard Records artists J Blev, Dirty, Mr. Money (a.k.a. Texas Tycoon), DJ MyzlerE and Dee Jay Bee, according to a press release announcing the gig.

A spokesperson for American Charities, co-director Keith Courlas, said his group was supposed to get 50 percent of the net proceeds from the show at the 14,000-seat venue, but with fewer than 500 fans in attendance — more than half of whom he said got tickets from the promoter or other acts on the bill — his organization did not receive any funds.

"The rider called for him [DMX] to perform from 9-10 p.m.," said Courlas. "The last time we had a rap show in Colorado Springs, it was a band called E-40 and there were a lot of fights and a stabbing in the parking lot, so security, sound and everyone was concerned about the safety at the DMX show. So, our commitment was that the show would end no later than 11 p.m., and that we would try to have everyone out by 10:30."

According to Courlas, the venue staff and security were contracted until 11 p.m., with sound contracted until 10:30. After getting a $7,500 deposit, he said X's team called Soulclay to say they would not arrive until 10 p.m., so the opening acts were pushed back. When X's road manager called back after 10 p.m. to say they would arrive at 11 p.m. instead, Courlas said they were told that wouldn't work and they were asked to come to the venue immediately.

"At around 5 till 11, the sound and security came to us and said, 'This is not your decision anymore, that's it,' " Courlas said. "By this time, the lights were on and the crowd was told DMX would not be performing. People were filing out [with] no problem, mostly because there were very few people there and when he arrived the 75-100 who were left got angry because they now believed he was there and would be performing."

Walker said she has not been able to reach Soulclay Entertainment since before the show, but she believes X was barred from taking the stage because the promoter did not sell enough tickets to pay the rapper the remainder of his fee. - MTV

"American Charities Unites with Hip Hop Icon DMX"

Atlanta, GA, October 02, 2009 --(PR.com)-- CEO of Soulclay Entertainment Group LLC, John Gutierres announced today a benefits concert featuring hip hop Icon rapper DMX to be held in Colorado Springs. The concert will benefit American Charities, a local non profit emergency food pantry and clothing center. On October 16th at 7pm in The Phil Long Expo Center rapper DMX will take to the stage along with other national and local artist's, perform and raise money for American Charities to feed 5000 people thru the upcoming winter.

A host of sponsors have joined forces to support the benefits concert such as Phil Long Expo Center,Colorado Springs Independent, Independent Records & Video Techno Rescue (Computer Repair Center) Kings Chef Dinner, Beautiful Distractions Modeling Agency, Copy Experts ,Structure Therapeutic Massage & Body Works, Brass Knuckle Entertainment, Hustle Hard Records, Dirty Limelight. Platinum selling rapper DMX will rock the house that Saturday night with other artists including Black Pegasus, Macatic Crew, I AM HIP ROCK, Ti’Jean, Hustle Hard Records artists J Blev, Dirty, Texas Recording artist Mr. Money aka Texas Tycoon, DJ MyzlerE and Dee Jay Bee.

"I’m so excited about this concert and hopeful for a sell out audience. Especially since the proceeds will benefit helping others. American Charities is well known locally for helping those in a time of need. I am so grateful to all the artists that have agreed to volunteer their time to give back.” States Gutierres.

About :
Soulclay Entertainment Group LLC
Soulclay Entertainment Group, LLC seeks to exemplify, promote, and inspire excellence in entertainment. By fostering dynamic relationships between talented performing artists, local charities, and the community-at-large, we aim to come to the assistance of those in need through creative and vibrant means.

American Charities
American Charities, Inc. is a Colorado based non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation. We are not affiliated to any religious group or any political organization. It is our mission to assist families in need of food and clothing at no charge and with no questions asked right away. The funds that we raise are directly put to use in the community to help people in need and to keep our facilities operational.

For media inquiries or to set up interviews with any of the artists performing contact publicist Pam Pinnock at 678-920-2582 or email pampinnock@aol.com
- PR.com

"Ti'Jean Mixtape"

http://dcmumbosauce.com/2009/07/02/dj-vlad-tijean-present-iamhiprockcom-the-mixtape/ - MumboSauce.com

"Ti'Jean - Random Thoughts"

http://wwww.globalgrind.com/content/781496/TiJean-presents-iAmHipRockcom-Blog-Archive-Random-Thoughts/ - GlobalGrind.com

"The Truth About DMX Riot In Colorado"

From the desk of CEO/Owner of Dirty Limelight/Hustle Hard Records – J. Baldrick “DIRTY”.

Since the night of the DMX show, many people have been asking us: “What happened?”. This blog is to let all know from our standpoint what in fact did happen. Just in case you didn’t know, Soulclay Ent. and American Charities booked DMX and several opening acts including Hustle Hard Records, Black Pegasus, MacAatic Crew, Ti’Jean, Mister Money and DJ MystrE to perform a charity event/concert Friday, Oct 16th 2009. After all opening acts, DMX was supposed to perform. He in fact did not..

For those there, you may have noticed that DMX did in fact show up and more importantly, was EAGER to get on stage to the point where he had to get aggressive with security to get on stage. Sadly, he couldn’t even get on the mic to tell the people what in fact did happen, because the sound was already cut. Why was security trying to keep DMX off stage? Why was the sound cut? Why didn’t he perform? Plain and simple, he wasn’t paid his remaining balance by Soulclay Entertainment. Soulclay Entertainment’s “plan” was to pay DMX from ticket sales from the box office, the day of. More importantly, DMX fought with security (with the help of fans and artists) to get on stage to not only perform but also to let everybody know what’s up…

You may hear rumors that DMX was late and he breached the contract, but the fact is, he was not paid what he was owed to be there. There were even tactics put into play to even make it appear that it was DMX’s fault. John Guiterres Jr. of Soulclay Ent instructed Rowe; DMX’s ROAD MANAGER that DMX was to perform at around 11pm and to have him there around 11pm!! In the same breath he told security to not let DMX perform because he was late??!! Crushing Game Game Car Club were the drivers for DMX and DMX, Rowe, and the drivers were COMPLETELY UNAWARE that JOHN was stalling them so that he could figure out how to pay DMX! Crushing Game were simply doing their job as drivers and following instructions of DMX’s road manager and had NO IDEA what time DMX was supposed to perform, and that the promoter SOULCLAY was having them have DMX wait to perform. They (just like us) had NO IDEA this promoter was just trying to stall everybody so that he could somehow come up with a way to pay DMX. The promoter STALLED DMX to make it look like it was DMX’s FAULT he was late, when in fact it was SOULCLAY ENT’S FAULT BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE HIS MONEY!!!! Crushing Game was swindled and lied to by John G. of Soulclay Ent just like all of DMX’s fans, security and all supporters of this event. His purpose was to cause confusion so that he could exit safely. THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME IS SOULCLAY ENT’S OWNER: JOHN GUTIERRES…


What X wants people to know is HE DID HIS PART. He fought to get on stage to DO HIS PART. Soulclay instructed the sound guy to pack up. Soulclay instructed security to KEEP DMX OFF STAGE! On top of that, the security hired by Soulclay got extremely aggressive with fans and DMX supporters including us! If you want to point the finger, and find blame, now you know who… Period.

While we regret now supporting Soulclay Entertainment and this show, we also want the people to know that ANY EVENT THAT DIRTY LIMELIGHT AND HUSTLE HARD RECORDS PRESENTS, THIS NEVER HAPPENS! THE ARTIST THAT WE BOOK IS PAID AS SOON AS THE ARTIST ARRIVES IN THE CITY. PERIOD. From this point on, Dirty Limelight is dedicated to confirming all financial plans and dealings with any promoter/booking agent we work with.. If you see our logo on a flyer, or any advertisement from now on, it will be confirmed that the promoter has the money beforehand.

DMX wants the people to know HE DID HIS PART.


THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US WE ARE JUST AS FRUSTRATED AS YOU! I am now not surprised why people don’t like to support shows in this city. Please know that we also did our part. This was not our show, we were booked just like DMX was. Thank you for supporting J-Blev and me on my album release.

I love you all. I hope you enjoyed our part of the show!!!

*If you are inquiring about refunds, or reimbursements, Soulclay Entertainment is who you want to get in touch with… * - RapWeekly.com

"Ti'Jean Wins Battle of the Bands DC!"

http://iamhiprock.com/news-tijean-wins-the-battle-of-the-bands-dc/ - iAmHipRock.com


Mixtape Release:
"DJ Vlad & Ti'Jean present... iAmHipRock.com The Mixtape"

"Get It"
"I Just Died"



Beats, Rhymes and Rock & Roll is the best way to describe the up and coming artist/producer by the name of Ti'Jean. He is the fresh face of HipRock, the offspring of Hip-Hop and Rock music. This innovative, talented and extremely passionate artist is daring and never afraid to get out of his comfort zone. Born in Brooklyn to Jamaican parents and raised in the Washington DC area, Ti'Jean has been guided by some of the finest minds in the business through his stints at Bad Boy Entertainment and Washington DC's 95.5 FM. In time, he will become a true legend, not only for his timeless music but also for his philanthropic initiatives.

His current project, "DJ Vlad & Ti'Jean presents...iAmHipRock.com The Mixtape", has received critical acclaim due to his lyrical range, powerful content and natural ability to become one with the music. Ti'Jean has won Battle of the Bands competitions and has performed on the same stages with many artists including DMX, Bobby Valentino and Juelz Santana. Being a product of the internet generation, Ti'Jean fully embraces web-based promotion and contributes consistently to his blog at iAmHipRock.com. Another online venture that he has started is HipRockMag.com, the preeminent Hip Rock Lifestyle magazine. The artist reveals that "Having the ability to reach all of my fans from around the world is important to me. Without them, I have less reason to work so hard at my profession. No matter where I go, I keep in touch and update everyone to what's going on."

Most artists want to be merely popular, Ti'Jean wants to do important things with his music. His charity is funded by him and private donations where the mission is to assist children in building their own dreams through education and music training. Ti'Jean's raw, honest, engaging personality is shown in each and every song. All of his albums are purposeful and well put together with the precision of a surgeon. "It's obvious when artists just record songs and say it's an album. That is not an album, that is a group of songs." is often said by the dynamic artist. While many feel that rapping over rock music or singing over rap beats simply defines the genre, Ti'Jean knows that it is much deeper than just what happens on the stage or in the studio...it's a lifestyle.