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In a world where defining something as one word is difficult, Ti'Jean is blending HipHop & Rock in a way that is uniquely his own. Knowing that it's more than music, Ti'Jean is bringing HipRock to the forefront of the next musical revolution.The passion this artist brings is once in a generation.


Beats, Rhymes and Rock & Roll is the best way to describe the up and coming artist/producer by the name of Ti'Jean. He is the fresh face of HipRock, the offspring of Hip-Hop and Rock music. This innovative, talented and extremely passionate artist is daring and never afraid to get out of his comfort zone. Born in Brooklyn to Jamaican parents and raised in the Washington DC area, Ti'Jean has been guided by some of the finest minds in the business through his stints at Bad Boy Entertainment and Washington DC's 95.5 FM. In time, he will become a true legend, not only for his timeless music but also for his philanthropic initiatives.

His current project, "DJ Vlad & Ti'Jean presents...iAmHipRock.com The Mixtape", has received critical acclaim due to his lyrical range, powerful content and natural ability to become one with the music. Ti'Jean has won Battle of the Bands competitions and has performed on the same stages with many artists including DMX, Bobby Valentino and Juelz Santana. Being a product of the internet generation, Ti'Jean fully embraces web-based promotion and contributes consistently to his blog at iAmHipRock.com. Another online venture that he has started is HipRockMag.com, the preeminent Hip Rock Lifestyle magazine. The artist reveals that "Having the ability to reach all of my fans from around the world is important to me. Without them, I have less reason to work so hard at my profession. No matter where I go, I keep in touch and update everyone to what's going on."

Most artists want to be merely popular, Ti'Jean wants to do important things with his music. His charity is funded by him and private donations where the mission is to assist children in building their own dreams through education and music training. Ti'Jean's raw, honest, engaging personality is shown in each and every song. All of his albums are purposeful and well put together with the precision of a surgeon. "It's obvious when artists just record songs and say it's an album. That is not an album, that is a group of songs." is often said by the dynamic artist. While many feel that rapping over rock music or singing over rap beats simply defines the genre, Ti'Jean knows that it is much deeper than just what happens on the stage or in the studio...it's a lifestyle.


Mixtape Release:
"DJ Vlad & Ti'Jean present... iAmHipRock.com The Mixtape"

"Get It"
"I Just Died"

Set List

"Til we all Explode"
"I just Died"
"Just Imagine"
"Get It"
(but the set list will change depending on Time and venue)