Tijuana Gasser

Tijuana Gasser


Tijuana Gasser is a fast paced switchblade rock and roll band. Not following the industry mainstream Tijuana Gasser is cut from the old-school cloth. Tijuana Gasser gets thier message, an eclectic platform ranging from politics and love to partying and no love, across with a music first attitude.


With backround influences ranging from Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Elvis, 999, The WHo, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, New York Dolls, and tons more it is pretty evident how Tijuana Gasser is the best best that the past has to offer. This is Old-School Rock and Roll in a new world and quite frankly you youngsters better bust out your note pads because this is how it is done. Every year since 1993 , with the exception of a four year vacation in between, has been netter than the last and this year is no exception. 2007 will birth Tijuana Gassers fourth independent Cd entitled " Bombing Beijing ". and like previous Tijuana Gasser recordings it offers just a little more than the last and leaves you yearning for the next. Through out Tijuana Gasser's tenure they have shared the stage with friends old and new ranging from Papa Roach and Agent Orange to Fungo Mongo and The Shocker. Tijuana Gasser's story is simple. We play for the love of music and will continue to do so signed or unsigned. So don't be surprised if you can catch Tijuana Gasser at the warped tour 2027 playing from the Geritol stage. Cheers


Tijuana Gasser:

Self Titled ( ep ) - 1993
Fiasco Edition ( full length ) - 1996
110 % ( full length ) - 2002
Bombing Beijing ( full length ) - 2007

Set List

Past Tijuana Gasser set list have included as many as 25 songs now that we are older we have lowered that number to between 17 & 20 which typically can last 40-45 mins. Tijuana Gasser has always enjoyed playing covers. In the early days you could hear "Breathless" by Jerry Lee Lewis or "Burnin Love" by Elvis and now you will be more enclined to catch "Born to Lose" by Johnny Thunders and "Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain" by Willie Nelson , but no matter the year or the venue you will catch a Ramones cover or two.