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"A Notícia"

Florianopolis - Second disc is always a headache for any artist. There is an obligation to do something better, or at least the time of the premiere. With the Tijuquera, a band from Florianópolis(Brazil) which launched in March, "Os Deuses Não São Homens," goes something like this, since the new work presents itself as a more refined successor to "Inoxsambágua", launched in 1999 without major repercussions . In this new assault, Alexandre Damaria (percussion), Victor Bub (drums), Márcio Costa (guitar and bass) and Davila (guitar and voice) improved their sound, an alliance of percussion and Brazilian influences with the British pop and even a bit of electronic beat that took account of the music world.
This mixture, sometimes right, and others less so, ensures a disc balanced, with good times, always sintonizando lyrics and music. The compositions are highly valued in the work of Tijuquera - name referring to those who call Uncle Juca, a friend of banda and relative of the colleagues also "florianopolitana" Dazaranha. They sing simple verses, without great genius, but showing a production "more head", different from many people who goes by stage catarinenses to interpret and play contemporary dry rot on sidewalks .
The title-song, "Os Deuses Não São Homens" is a critical to the "destructive progress," sung in nice talk. There are other good moments, as in "Cabelos de Sal", "Saia", "O Céu é mais Além" and "Direi Tú." The electron is present in "Floripa Groove Drum'n Bass," which, as its name announces, points to another facet - the "modern", but urban - of the band. Recorded after three years of experience of the quartet in Rio de Janeiro, the disc has production of Carlos Trail, which also appears on keyboards, and special participation of Luis Meira, Marcos Suzano and Fred Birth.

To read content online in Portuguese, visit:http://www1.an.com.br/2004/mai/04/0ane.htm - Regis Mallmann





On the 90s, a strong submersion in the Brazilian rhythms marked the appearance of artists and bands that had rescued our cultural identity. This new MPB (Brazilian music) also made to appear in 1994 - in Florianópolis, a band who presents a pure format of these trends, singing the nature, events of the world and the contemporary man. To this band was given the name Tijuquera, making allusion to uncle Juca, (a man known in the county as Juquera). The band is composed by Márcio DaVila, Zé Caetano, Alexandre DaMaria, Márcio Costa, Nilinho Adriano and Rodrigo Poeta.
It’s easy to feel that the sounds of Tijuquera comes from the sea, between one moment and another was born INOXSAMBÁGUA (2000), from the love of who contemplates this immensity of salty water.
In 2001 the boys of Tijuquera moved out to Rio de Janeiro gain experience of living into a big metropolis, a city essentially directed toward the culture and full of contradictions. In the middle of a mess such as Rio, the group searched its identity and in this process was born the second record: “OS DEUSES NÃO SÃO OS HOMENS (2004)”.
The band produced the third CD – QUEM QUISER É ISSO AͅTIJUQUERA (2006) with a musical experience from those who love its work and its music. They had congregated all musical experiences accumulated on the records of the others CDs, shows, trips, challenges and have come to a time of their career that they would be able to affirm: we are like this…
“They show original compositions and the one strong electro-acoustic instrumental”
Antônio Carlos Miguel – Brazilian Newspaper O GLOBO - RJ