Tikk Measurez

Tikk Measurez

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Tikk Measurez style is aggressive rap with outspoken content that gives people a vision of the urban lifestyle in Virginia.


Tikk Measurez is the CEO/ first Artist of Young CEO Entertainment, Inc. Tikk is also the first representation of the concept “VA Hustle Muzik” (local Hip Hop/ R&B music in Virginia). Tikk's content is a clear example of the motto “VA is for Hustlers” providing a voice for VA’s underground hip-hop talent.

Prior to establishing Young CEO Entertainment, Inc. in 2005, Tikk Measurez went to school for music recording technology and has been in the local hip- hop scene since 2002.

Tikk Measurez music provides a deeper look in to the underground hip- hop market in VA. His aggressive rap and outspoken content gives people a vision of the urban lifestyle in Virginia. With his experience, uncut lyrics and confident flow, Tikk Measurez hopes to become a voice for VA in the music industry.

After a successful career in hustling, Tikk Measurez plans to share his experiences through trial and error to help motivate those who followed the same footsteps to become successful. Tikk is a perfect example and living proof of creating a positive future from a negative past. He plans to lead by example through music. “VA Hustle Muzik”


It dont make Cents
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