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Written By: TiKkO

Verse: 1
Everybody wanna, talk that street-shit/ (but)
Noone talks about a, street kid's secrets/
Yeah- They talk about, they're rings and sneakers/ (but)
What about, when I dreamed of eatin'?!/
My uncle reachin', for that puncture fiendin/
My cousin buggin' him, for drugs and schemin/
My mother screamin', like "I'm fuckin' leavin'!"/
My father bounced, but we don't fuckin' need him!/
But thats nothin, you can rock ya chain/
And tell all these kids, about ya rocks of caine/
Who otherwise, would've heard some rock and changed/
but now they glorify the rocks, and dont know why you slang/
You never tell 'em, that ya mom's addicted/
And howe never,got to buy you christmas/
Now you grind, everytime you flip bricks/
So you can buy yourself, all that shit on your wishlist/

Verse: 2
I hope to God, this aint touchin your heart/
Your own fate, relate to nothin thus far/
Cause if it do, then you were fucked from the start/ (Ya just)
Hear and feel it, like a slug in the dark/
Rhymin' to these beats, I can find my inner peace/
While these other peeps, preachin' violence in the streets/
Runnin' wild, wonderin why they're in the clink/
Life BEEN fucked, -I'm just tryina get a piece/ (so)
I aint tryina be, all "high and mighty"/ (cause)
Prison bars, are HIGHLY likely/
I'm a victim, of my pride and might be/
Just a minute from yellin, "Come outside and fight me!"/ (Now)
Dont you, go and try to blame ME/
I just, what SOCIETY made me/
Poverty lives, the same side as crazy/
There's a thin line, and I'm on BOTH sides- DAILY!!/

Verse: 3
[I wont let you go], I hold my past/
Like its forged from glass, and if I fall on my ass.../ (STILL...)
[I wont let you go], To the memory/
of my friend- forever we, rock beats and melodies/ (and)
[I wont let you go], Like this mic/
That I hold so tight, Keep hope within sight/ (and then)
[I wont let you go], My word is bond/
Keep my open arms strong, Keep the whole world in my palm!!/..
My homey Cliff, told me "Rome you a god"/ (I was)
Sorta surprised, but then he opened my eyes/
He told me I ALONE, hold my soul at this time/
He spoke of Babylon, and how they sowed they demise/
No longer blind, I shot back in my chair/ (Yeah)
Holdin the planet, on a strand of my hair/
Before the question's asked, the answer was there/ (like)

Kiss Goodbye

Written By: TiKkO

ROMEssiah!..., Yeah you heard the name/
Brought up in a world of pain..., twirlin' like a hurricane/
Not gone perp for fame..., That shit gone hurt the game/
like pig police- rippin' seats, on the search for caine/
Look dog I came up broke..., Dont show me shame- I know/
Some days I prayed I'd choke..., off of the drains of coke/
Caught in the rain- I'm cold..., Blood- It stains my clothes/
But this despair- cant compare, to the pain that Joe/
branded inside my soul..., Man- did he die to show.../
Ange that it's time to grow?..., "Rome- quit this life- Let's go"/
Planted inside his throne..., Stand at his side alone/
Standin' stranded- on this planet, Damnit- I'll cry some mo'/
You dont know my struggle..., Untold to those thats subtle/
When asked if Rome is trouble..., mouth closed with no rebuttle/
and although I struggle..., somehow I cant combine/
the barrel to my lips..., and blow a kiss goodbye/ (muah)

I seen my mama hungry..., I seen my mama cry/
Though all this shit I've seen..., not seen my father- Why?
Is he the kinda guy..., to leave his child lie?/
One day I hope to see..., TO SEE MY FATHER DIE!/
I did my dance with "vicky"..., She ran my wallet quick/
You can't call it shit..., if you cant call it quits/
I'm sick of all this shit..., With vodka- lockin lips/
Shakin addict- makin static, Paper poppin scripts/
You hear me kill these bars..., Dont know how real they are/
Ask how I build these arts?..., My heart is filled with scars/
Somehow I'm still in charge..., Somehow I cant combine/
the barrel to my lips..., and blow a kiss goodbye/ (muah)

Ya homey closes life..., You hold his shoulders tight/
Ya colder overnight..., You dont know what its like/
You grow up broke and fight..., No clothes and open rights/
Grow up- Ya broke and fight..., You dont know what its like/
Dont know a sober life..., Methadone and vics/
You see no hope in sight..., You dont know what its like/
Ya never shown the light..., You walk the road at night/
So blind you dont go right..., You dont know what its like/
(but I know- I know...)