Tilney Sky

Tilney Sky


“Like Bono’s soaring anthems. Imagine U2, but with more balls and less of the political baggage.”- The Guardian, UK. Somewhere between INXS and Jimmy Hendrix


While most UK established artists on major labels struggle to get heard in both the UK and US, two brothers have beaten the odds to do it on their own terms. Recording their album on nothing more than a home computer in a tiny West London flat (a far cry from Abbey Road), TILNEY SKY have been picked up and played by many key taste maker US radio stations, including XM Satellite (6.5 million listeners), Indie 103.1 Los Angeles, Radio KOL Virginia, KNRK Portland, WEQX Manchester, VT and Albany, New York, KMYZ Tulsa, KDLD Los Angeles, AOL Radio and digitally all across Canada. The band has also been aired on BBC6 Music & worldwide on BBC World Service who continue to support their music.

Influential DJ Sat Bisla - the first DJ to give worldwide support to Dido and Cass Fox (produced by Faithless founder and Dido producer Rollo Armstrong), as well as helping Keane, The Crimea, Soshy and Missy Higgins (she's one of the biggest selling acts in Australia over the past 10 years) on their way to securing major record deals - has joined an ever-expanding list of media championing the band, describing them as "Amazing...the UK band to watch!"

DJ Rick Adams (former TV presenter for C4's Big Breakfast) and now flagship presenter for US station KOL, made More Than You Know his single of the week, the first time a UK band has been given that honour. Adams who is now credited for breaking many acts in the US, describes the song as "Fantastic - a class above!"

In the UK TILNEY SKY will release single 'More Than You Know' on Deaf Records on 5th June 2006. This will shortly be followed by debut album Until Tomorrow - an eclectic mix of guitar-based rock, indie-fuelled pop and addictive melodies. The band have already gained critical praise from both national and regional UK press, and been likened by The Guardian to "Bono's soaring anthems."

In a musical landscape dominated by major record labels and corporate groups, the fact that two brothers (managed by their older brother) have managed to get radio play and press on both sides of the Atlantic is certainly raising eyebrows in the music industry, and TILNEY SKY are firmly being marked as the new band to watch in 2006.

Touring the UK at the beginning of this year, their exhilarating live shows have been blowing audiences away; The Observer comments, Their performance showcased a great set of big tunes that will win them fans wherever they play. Ryan's compelling vocals and extrovert displays, coupled with Ben's unique and highly engaging guitar sounds create a stunning and captivating performance, which is strengthened by Glenn on drums and Rupert on bass. TILNEY SKY can be seen playing in top London venues throughout the year.

To hear Tilney Sky – click onto i-Tunes, Napster, MyCokeMusic, Woolworths, 7 Digital Media, Play Louder, MSN Music, Big Noise Music, HMV Digital, Virgin Digital, Tiscali Music, Sonic Selector, Wanadoo, Sony Connect or visit the band’s website www.tilneysky.com

For more information please contact Darren Taylor:-
(M) 07702 806602 or (T) 01962 850851 (E) darren@deafrecords.co.uk


Empty Promises

Written By: B Karter/ R Karter

1. Now you can break or you can glow
Now you can get me out of here
The things you've glazed, the things you know
And now your fragile lips will break
Can you promise me this?
All your pictures of bliss
We've got to make it happen now

All that you want and all that you have
Your empty promises
All that you want is all that you have
Your empty promises
You're full of empty promises

2. So now we steal, so now we wait
I feel the air comes in too late
You beckon me to tempt with fate
This cement in the ground has got to break
All the things that you said
And still the truth isn't dead
We've got to make it happen now

You've gotta break me out
You've gotta let me in
It's a fragile place we've made
Can you hear them scream? Now your ways are obscene!


Written By: B Karter/ R Karter

1. Time, I feel will pass us by
And so conceal, these fears you have tonight
And miss the days
Where you amazed
The midnight sun shines through this haze up here
And I feel
That it's turning every wheel

So won't you stay
Stay with me tonight
I wish we could stay
Stay with me tonight

2. Time keeps new, our face again
A square-shaped view of memories back then
In all that youth and all that bliss
I'd travel back for one last kiss
Where we stood still
With no silence left to fill
Can you see, that place, can you see?

In a place that felt the same
As it looks at me, I miss those tricks and games
An empty field and we were running everywhere
I can't find where I'm supposed to be, is it there?


EP More Than You Know

Track 1 More Than You Know
Track 2 It's Our Time
Track 3 Beautiful Place

EP Empty Promises, due out 1st quarter 2007.

Track 1 Empty Promises
Track 2 tbc

Set List

Current Set List

It's Our time
Show Me The Way
Until Tomorrow
More Than You Know
If The Night Should Wake You
Out Of Range
Beautiful Place
Empty Promises