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Tilo The Godlion


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The best kept secret in music


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Tilo Revelation XII 2004 sold 10,000 units on street sales alone with out a single advetisment.

Tilo The Godlion 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tilo was born in Queens NY in May 1981, His family came from Havana, Cuba right after the revolution of Fidel Castro. Moving to Madrid Spain then finally moving to New York City in 1965. Tilo’s Parents became very wealthy with hard work owning their own business, Tilo’s Father Gerardo Balmaseda was very close with many Latin celebrities giving him a popular reputation in the 70’s & 80s. in the 80’s Tilo (Gerardo I Balmaseda) grew up in the tuff borough of Queens where drugs and violence is pretty much anywhere. In 1985 Tilo’s Father moved to Miami leaving Tilo and his Mother in Queens. In 1989 Tilo and his Mother moved to Miami, FL to re-unite with his Father. At the age of 10 Tilo’s Father was sentenced to life for 1st degree Murder for a shooting in a public place that took a women’s life and attempted murder on a Law enforcement officer, plus gun charges and concealment. Tilo was in the pool with his sisters and mother when they noticed Police and other government organization in the lobby in their Condo where his Father owned a property on the 9th floor. Once they returned to what was home they found the door open, a police/ government operation center was set up to track and monitor all calls that could lead to Tilo’s Father. Tilo crushed emotionally was told to go to his room and wait while agents explained the tragedy to his Mother. Tilo’s entire life changed from here on.

Kids in his school would make fun of Tilo calling his Father a murderer and a Cuban mobster, Tilo in pain would loose his temper and fight the kids causing him to get into trouble. His school’s counselor at Southside Elementary in Miami understood Tilo’s pain and asked to speak to him, after an hour of talk Tilo broke down in tears. A 10 year old with a broken heart and a temper problem. She asked Tilo to write for her what he felt, she said to make believe that all Tilo’s anger will go on this piece of paper and never return again. Tilo looking at the psychological solution as a waste of time, he still took the paper and pencil and began. While he was writing, he noticed he was releasing energy in his words. Expressing as if he was yelling into something. Another world where you didn't need your tongue to communicate. Very quickly he felt as if he belonged in this world of lyrics in other words, satisfying his anger by expressing his pain. To be creative, he wrote it as a poem. When she started reading it, he could see her eyes and read through her. He could feel his own pain, and it changed his life ever since. Dedicating his life to psychology and metaphysics, He developed a way to get into people's minds with his words. After several times that the media attempted to harass Tilo’s family with invitations to interviews to discuss about his Father’s incident, that they were already trying to put behind them. They decided to move to Tampa, FL where they can begin a new life. Unfortunately Tilo’s family was beginning to live a life loaded with financial issues. The Government took all that his Father owned and worked hard for, forcing Tilo’s family to file bankrupt, and to collect welfare. At the age of 13, a boy came up to Tilo and started reading what Tilo was writing. He asked him if he was writing a rap song. Tilo replied, “What is rap?” Ever since, He began battling egos and have found his nature within lyrical war for what will be his next test in the path of his life.

At 14 Tilo became obsessed with Hip Hop and Rap Battles. Tilo could feel the anger and force lifting away with every word. This became his new therapy in anger, he would battle every day not loosing making Tilo a very known person in Tampa, FL. Tilo with his heart set in New York wanted to return to his city to go head to head with the best in underground rap battles. At 15 he got his ex girl friend pregnant At 16 Tilo became a Father. His former Girl friend placed Tilo on child support and made it hard for Tilo to get his son with 0% custody. Tilo feeling betrayed and confused left with a friend that moved to New Jersey, Tilo explained he had family in NYC and that his mother knew and allowed him to move, with no more questions asked Tilo ended up taking a ride that would change his life once again, moving on his own to NYC in search for his dream in music. After being dropped off in his old neighborhood Tilo found him self on the streets of Queens with no money literally stuck in the city, sleeping on the streets. Tilo was hungry, cold, and in deep depression. His Mother had no knowledge of this, Tilo told her he was at a friends house away from everyone soul searching and wanted to be left alone. His Mother begging him to return Tilo in fear of telling her the truth kept his mouth closed but called her every other day. 2 weeks later Tilo was learning the way of the streets, waking up to another day another struggle of his life. Tilo was always loyal and did as he said earned him street credit with a local drug dealer that helped Tilo through his