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Kaz in Poz - 2011
De Pat Ater - 2011



Native from La Source, a working-class area of Saint Denis that saw the births of other major musicians on the island (Alain Peters, Tikok Vellaye amongst others), Tiloun was ini- tiated into local folklore when he was a kid : dancing, playing drums, singing are gene- tic to him! He really started making music in a much more serious way after the 1991 social riots in Saint Denis. That was the trig- ger mechanism which convinced him he had to express himself and share his ideas and concerns. He learns from playing with Firmin Viry the true meaning of Maloya, the philosophy behind the music, the way of life it involves.

In parallel, Tiloun keeps on working as a
special needs professional, convinced mu- sic’s going to remain a hobby. But others aren’t alright with that matter of fact : Ziskakan, Firmin Viry and Danyel Waro successively offer to finance his long- awaited first album’s recording and urge him to do so. « De pat ater » was re- leased in 2008, almost twenty years after Tiloun’s first song recitals! Fortunately, he didn’t take as much time for his second full-length, « Kas in poz », released in 2011 and played live in numerous venues since then. Tiloun’s fragile yet striking voice recounts us his own Reunion’s history, made of cultural mix and respect.

His uncluttered and harmonious Maloya works wonders!