Tilted Blue

Tilted Blue


Unique chord structures and guitar effects with stirring vocals, driving rhythm section, and sprinkles of pop sensibility. Music is melodic, accomplished, radio friendly, and full of crazy-catchy hooks. tilted blue = maroon 5 + train + matchbox 20 subtract cheese add jam


We feel that the timing is perfect for a Seattle based music scene re-emergence – but it’s not Grunge. This time, it’s Pop/Rock. Death Cab for Cutie – Modest Mouse – The Postal Service. Even the Presidents are big again. Fans know what they like, and look for more of the same. Strokes/Vines/Hives/White Stripes/Killers. Coldplay/Travis/Starsailor/Keane.
Labels are realizing that there is a huge older-than-teeny-bop audience for Maroon 5/Train/Matchbox 20 pop-based rock. We’re similar but different. And We're next!

We have incredible potential
We have sold thousands of CD’s
We have accessible music poised for success
We have received airplay on KNDD, KMTT and KEXP
We have been played over 5000 times at www.uberlabel.com

Imagine what we could accomplish with representation.

“Tilted Blue is a band that’s not afraid to take accessible music to a new level, while celebrating the workmanship of their influences. They’ve crafted sophisticated rock/pop songs,
with beautiful layerings and catchy melodies.”

Shawn Stewart – Program Director
KMTT 103.7, The Mountain, Seattle

“Tilted Blue … will charm you with their melodic songwriting, indulge you with their comfortable influences, and impress you with their tasty guitar licks … (with) abundant pop-rock melodies and harmonies to spare.”

Dana Bos – ThreeImaginaryGirls.com & The Stranger

“Tilted Blue is another fine example of a Seattle Sound influenced more by London than Detroit. The kind of band that sounds like they’ve been hitting the bong more than the bottle. Their noisier grungier siblings have always drowned out the joyful noise from great psychedelic rock/pop artists like The Posies, Rusty Willoughby, and the Green Pajamas. Tilted Blue would feel right at home on their same magic bus.”

Scott Vanderpool, Afternoon Host
KISW 99.9, The Rock, Seattle

Member Bios

Charlie Solbrig – Lead Vocals/Guitar

I've always connected to music. One of my first memories is singing to Carpenter’s records with my sisters. We spent hours practicing with my dad's Radio Shack microphone, as if we were on stage performing to millions. My dad could play piano by ear. I wanted to learn, so I started taking lessons but I soon quit because the teacher would not stop hitting me with a ruler.
A few years later, one of my friends started playing guitar and introduced me to a small band called Led Zeppelin. That was the day I fell in love with the guitar.
While studying music in college, I started a band called the Irie Souls. We played covers and originals and became rock stars in our little college town of Pocatello, Idaho.
I moved to Seattle after school, with the goal of making a living as a musician and getting another band together. I was poor, so I rented a garage apartment and played guitar on the street at Pike Place Market. I figured I had to make $13 a day to pay my rent and have enough left over for peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. I made a lot of connections and slowly got paying gigs as well as some guitar students. I couldn’t believe that I was making enough money to pay rent and not have a real job.
I started playing in a band called “The Young Planets.” It was at this band’s last gig that I met Scot (drums). We've made music together ever since. The lineup for Tilted Blue is now complete. And we still love PB&J.

Scot Kirk – Drums/Vocals

I asked my parents for a drum set in fifth grade- -and they gave me a snare drum. They didn’t want to make the commitment—but I did. So I mastered the flam, the paradiddle, the ratamacue and other funny words. Only then was I presented with a beater of a Ludwig 4-piece. And it was then that I became a rock-star - in my basement - and tortured my family with noise.
Many bands came and went – The Stuttering Minds – Bill – Stevie and the Under-achievers – Nirvana (not that Nirvana). But none of them stuck with me—or vice verse.
One day I was at a party, and Charlie was playing with his band. I told him he was too good for his drummer, and he told me to piss off. But then I impressed him with words like ‘flam-adiddle’ and we decided our musical styles were a perfect fit. Tilted Blue was born, and although the lineup has changed—the focus remains the same; to be rock-stars—in my basement.
Oh yeah...and to move the world.

Chris Setter – Bass Guitar

They call me Smoov C. My music career began as a trumpeter in the school band. I quickly graduated to tuba, which is obviously much cooler. I was a band geek in high school. But nothing is geekier (read: cooler) than playing my guitar in the Marching band through a battery powered Pignose amp hanging around my neck. Smoov, see? Our signature song? “All Right Now” by Free. Yeah…you know it. Go ahead…hum a few bars…I’ll wait.
After the height of my musical career (see above) I migrated through bands like 8thesandbox, Haggis, and Mr. E. I was a guitarist in all


Green Eyes

Written By: Tilted Blue

Standing on a surface Gleam
Was one big hoping drifting me
It turned me back and it turned me towards
The girl who broke my heart from birth

Its movement from a single point
They squished me like a burned joint
Commanding gestures of despair
To make her feel that we did care

So you’ve got Green Eyes
So you’ve got Red Eyes
So you’ve got Blue Eyes

Got to remember I nearly forgot
(Don’t) question me on the words of love


Written By: Tilted Blue

I’ve just marched into going all around
But now I wanted something
But your words mistake me with all the bigger clowns
‘Cuz I’m hoping that you’ll take my side

Well I’ve been struck by the sight of your belief
Someone to be when I wanted nothing
I heard water flowing underground

Curses – Curses Going all around
Curses – Curses me down
What’s worse is – you remember more
Things my eyes you found

They did more to get me around you
But now I wanted something
Fame did more but to wander inside
When I’m lost to the vaginal zone

I wanted something


Written By: Tilted Blue

There’s a hole in my heart when I’m next to you
There’s a choke in my throat when I’m holding you
It’s not easy to see but it’s easy to be
Because I’m so in love with you

There’s a knife in my side when you walk by
There’s a choke in my throat nearly all the time
It’s not easy to see but it’s easy to be
Because I’m so in love with you

Don’t tell me I’m leaving
I want you right now
Don’t tell me I want you
I have you somehow

I think you left me crying
I think you left me trying
I think you left me
I’m so sad you left me

Why’d you leave me?


Fixed Up Camera Eyes - 2002 - LP
Goodbye Spectra - 2004 - EP
Girls & Robots - 2006 - LP

'Green Eyes' and 'Closer' have both received radio airplay

Stream our music here: http://www.uberlabel.com/music/bands/50/

Set List

We like to play an hour or more, depending on the bill and lineup. We write and perform our own music, but we also believe that a cover song here and there is a fantastic tool to showcase our abilities and to suck people in deeper.

Radiohead - Paranoid Android
Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye
Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar

Devastation at Last
Right Arm
In the Back of Your Car
Burn Me
Green Eyes