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Tularosa, New Mexico, United States

Tularosa, New Mexico, United States
Band Country Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"TIMBERWOLF Rocks The House!"

Wow! Who would've guessed? Last weekend TIMBERWOLF played a scheduled
two-night gig at a newer venue in the area called "The Grubstake Restaurant and
Saloon" {located midway between the towns of Alamogordo and Tularosa, New
Mexico...just to the right off US Hwy 70 North.}

Before that weekend just about every known band in the area has performed there at
least once or more, but because of previously booked gigs, and the way the dates
fell...TIMBERWOLF had not been able to perform there as yet.

The band just saw this as one more gig, yet a nice change-of-pace from the private
clubs they had played previously. But neither they nor anyone else could realize the
magic that would unfold that weekend!?

To make a long story a bit shorter...the band played their heart's out {just as they always
do!} But on Friday night they had what apeared to be a PACKED HOUSE! People
continually filled the dancefloor all night long! They laughed, applauded, and cheered the
band! And towards the end of the night the owner came up to the bandstand and had the
band announce to the crowd that "this was the LARGEST crowd The Grubstake Restaurant
and Saloon had ever had since opening to the public"! And everyone gave themselves a
round of applause!

At the end of the night as people were going home...Both crowd and management were
"thanking" the band for a job well done! So the band left with a very good feeling of real

Then came Saturday night...The band was thinking: "How can we top last night"? "What if
we don't get a big crowd like Friday night"? "Will this affect our chances of being rehired"?
But inspite of their thoughts...they went ahead and performed their show with the same
"zest, intensity, and ability" they are known for, and lo-and-behold they had another LARGE
crowd that night as well!

The owner told "Joe" {the band's founder} "This is the best damn band I've ever had play here"!
And when it was all said and done...The owner took "Al" {the band's lead guitarist and Stage
Manager} aside and gave TIMBERWOLF a monthly booking from now through the end of 2007.
He also paid the band $150 "more" than they booked in for, and told them if they continued to
draw a good crowd they would always be paid more! I guess you might say the band was
treated more like "royalty", which unfortunately is not usually the case in this area. And as
"Al" was quoted as saying to the members after the gig: "All our hard work is beginning to pay
off! But we are not there yet, and we still have a long way to go"!

{You see...TIMBERWOLF "believes and practices" the old-school thinking that "practice is very
important, and you can always be better"! So they continually practice and set their "goals" high!}

If you have not yet had the privilege and opportunity to hear TIMBERWOLF live...you are missing
out on a heckuva good time!

{Cordially submitted by:}
JCW Productions
"The musical voice of the Tularosa Basin"
- JCW Productions


Timberwolf Theme {We have mp3's.}
Red Tail Lights {We have mp3's.}



Rising stars in the southern New Mexico desert, TIMBERWOLF is a "variety" danceband, playing popular covers spaning five decades of music! Since the band's beginning in 2003 they have built an ever-expanding repertoire of music for your dancing and listening enjoyment. TIMBERWOLF performs with alot of heart, soul, precision, and intensity! Each bandmember is an adult, and most have a stage experience of 10-30 years. They strive for balance in their vocal harmonies. Regardless of the performance, be it a charity function or a paid venue, they always give it their all! TIMBERWOLF is known for being a "crowd-pleaser"! They normally follow a set list, but are changeable depending on the mood of the crowd, and are able to handle most requests. {In other words...They do their best to read the crowd and keep them entertained!} Individually and collectively they all love music and love to entertain, and hope you will love them also!

TIMBERWOLF is currently working on cuts for an all-original cd as time permits. Check back for more info on this later.

Don't miss a chance to see and hear them perform live on stage!