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like stars

Written By: tim beutler

inhale the dust while you sleep
break the trust of ones you keep
next to places in your heart
where all is good but falls apart
nothing hidden nothing gained
these dried up drops of hidden pain
what's the point of so much love
never brought out to the sun
all those deep and buried griefs
running rampant no relief
towards the outward bounding sky
never try, try to die

pedal over cracked lands
lookin, steamin, all this sand
stands so fine and blows my mind
to unbelieve all i see
will take an eternity
colored lenses keep eyes dry
clink clank as bikes go by
the toilet overflows with shit
even while i sit on it

wander wander nightly streets
play the drum for dancer's feet
share the hand when it is held
never offer stuff of Geld
find your friends at 6 oclock
falling down eating rocks
fire bursts out of my ears
eyes are bright like candy shops
and color all i see

glitter glitter all like stars
like a home never known before
little black box of shame
dissolved in a brand new name
oh this heart of mine stings
leaving of a land of dreams
eyes tear, nose runs,
neverending beating of the sun

i still feel you next to me
your body and mine
our hands intertwined
your eyes and our sighs
your laughter and mine
for days at a time

and though we lead these separate lives
i hold on to the hope that i have gathered

stumble under artlit nights
crazy by the lack of sight
hold your hand but not too tight
lost in the lack of light
can we try to make it right?
all this space laid inbetween
nights apart but still i dream
of being by your side

every day i hear your voice
real or not i have no choice
i feel how i feel
i feel how i feel
i know this is real
it's never been so real

and though we lead these separate lives
i hold on to the hope that i have gathered

flowers for food

Written By: Timothy Beutler

the things we don't say
but live day by day
hold it all in
deep in our skin
there's more life ahead than we know
how can i try
to say what i mean
when words won't belie
the little i've seen
dry kansas plains of brown
circle all around
and nowhere a sense of relief

can't help but think of what's in my dreams
soup down the sink, a switching of seats
the singing string of an angel's voice
all wrapped in my ear
make a choice

chase out the devils
from my homestead land
plant the seeds
of a grander plan
flowers for food
and vegetables for view
never before felt
so drawn to be settled
building a home
where the sunlight meddles
with the earth
smoke rises from our
firestone hearth

keeping faith in this vision
in hopes for good life
keeping faith in this vision
in hopes for good life
years down the road
years down the road