Tim Brantley

Tim Brantley


Tim Brantley's unquie sound resembles a Pete-Yorn-meets-Keane sort of style. The music blends subtle hints of pop with Brit-rock stylings of bands like Coldplay and Travis.


"When describing Brantley's blend of piano and acoustic rock, adjectives like familiar, comforting and honest immediately come to mind. The overall sound resembles a Pete Yorn-meets-Keane sort of style. The music blends subtle hints of pop with Brit-rock stylings of bands like Coldplay and Travis. The vocals are a bit rootsy and completely natural.
Brantley’s The Lion of Truth is the 10-song follow-up to 2004's Bon Voyage, an album Brantley recorded and released before ever playing a show - the most backwards way to go about things, as he puts it. Whereas Brantley recorded Bon Voyage in three weeks with some friends, The Lion of Truth is the product of high-end studios (like Ruby Red) and collaborations with well-known producers Russ-T Cobb (Butch Walker, Avril Lavigne, Bowling for Soup, Sevendust) and Danny Howes. Whereas Bon Voyage sounded raw and young, The Lion of Truth sounds sleek and mature. Brantley has stepped into his own sound, while still hinting at the likes of Pete Yorn and Ryan Adams; much of that can be credited to playing with a full band for almost two years, as well as the current snapshot of where he is in his life." - Leah Weinberg

• Featured artist on myCoke new music Aug ‘06
• Band selected to perform in Atlantis Music Conference '06
• Selected as 92.9 DaveFM featured artist for their “New Music Seminar”
• Performer at the 2006 Atlanta Dogwood Festival (7,000+ attendance)
• Music video for “Damage” aired nationally on Time Warner Cable
• Performer at Atlanta’s Draft on Taft 2006 (5,000+ attendance)
• Voted “Best New Band” at Atlanta Music Guide Awards ‘05
• Performer at 99X SummerFest '05 (main outdoor stage)
• Performer at Music Midtown ‘05 (99X/Best Buy Locals Only Stage)
• Performer in AthFest '05 (main outdoor stage)
• Performer at 99X Unplugged in the Park Spring ’05
• Band selected to perform in Atlantis Music Conference '05 (ASCAP showcase)
• Tim Brantley as Guest DJ on Album 88.5 FM
• Featured Artist on Fresh Tracks Music.com
• Selected for Band of the Month Atlanta Local Music.com organization
• Band performance at Turner Field for Braves Game (Tim singing the national anthem for the game as well)
• Winner of Coors Light/99X March Bandness (4 week competition as voted by industry professional and fans)
• Tim Brantley MySpace Page most viewed artist page (Georgia); Over 100,000 profile views & over 25,000 friends

Opening Credits:
• The Fray, Cowboy Mouth, The Samples, Tegan & Sara, Coheed & Cambria, Will Hoge, Charlie Marrs, Ike, Aslyn, Tyler Hilton

• ‘Damage’ aired on Dave FM (92.9 FM)
• ‘Gold’ aired on Atlanta’s 99X (WNNX 99.7 FM)
• XM Satellite Radio airplay (’Angel’, ‘Gold’ & ‘Worlds Away’)
• ‘Ticker Tape Parade’ Aired on WRAS 88.5 FM
• ‘Angel’ aired on Atlanta’s 99X (WNNX 99.7 FM)



Written By: Tim Brantley

Born in '84 in California bounced around and ended up in Georgia inside the lines of an everybodys somebody town met a girl from high school on the weekend fell in love before you knew the meaning the last three years its been ups and downs time apart was experimentation just find yourself is what they all keep saying but you cant find anything or anyone man youre hurt and you really want to keep her you patch it up but each time it gets weaker with all these chances now youre down to none the damage is 5 the damage is 4 the damage is 3 the damage is 2 the damage is 1 the damage is done the damage is done man youre coming apart youre coming unglued so just walk away whats through is through the damage is done the damage is done theres no use in worrying or pacing wondering if shes out or where shes staying dont be confused with things you cant control oh its more than fights and the differences between you its the sleepless nights and the things she never told you its a time for change so turn youre back and run pretty soon you wont believe all these things that you believe theres a reason why right now its not working she tied youre tongue up once again ant tied youre arms to leave you friend but theres one thing I know now thats for certain


Written By: Tim Brantley

You sat in the white lines you came in the daytime you glowed in the sunlight like a piece of gold its sad to see days end and lose such a good friend but time came for healing so dont open it up why would you how could you dont you know thats no way to live its not nearly enough im letting you go a look of amazement and only the pavement was standing between us like a piece of gold im not sure what you meant youre still hiding meanings but as far as my feelings theyre gone all gone

Norman Park

Written By: Tim Brantley

Mandie if you hear this come home to me I cant go looking for you its not what gentlemen do mandie if you hear this come home to me you see my weather has changed and I fear so has youre name oh mandie were gonna run out of time did youre promise expire dont you want me oh mandie is it strange that I wanna walk in the norman park rain oh mandie its strange when I fall apart I hear youre name mandie if you hear this come home to me let me take care of you just like gentlemen do mandie if you hear this come home to me you know we had a deal and right now id be a steal theres twentysomething years of my life why do you stick out do I want you I wanna walk in the norman park rain we had a deal


Debut album Bon Voyage released October 2004.

2nd record "The Lion of Truth" June 2006

Music Video for "Damage" released July 2006

Set List

1. First Timer
2. Norman Park
3. There Goes the Neighborhood
4. Found a Girl
5. Fox in the Sky
6. Panoramic
7. Damage
8. Rocket Crush
9. Real
10. Black on Black
11. Spirit in the Night
12. Ryan Adams cover du jour
13. Ticker Tape Parade
14. Gold
15. New York