Tim Busovsky

Tim Busovsky


Tim Busovsky is Philadelphia-based self taught multi-instrumentalist who blends conventional sounds of folk rock with elements of experimental minimalism in order to achieve a sound that only can be properly described as psychedelic space folk.


Tim Busovsky is a 21 year old multi-instrumentalist who first picked up the guitar at the age of eight. As his influences grew, so did his desire to learn to play other instruments. Though only formally trained on brass instruments such as the trumpet and tuba, Tim exercises proficiency on guitar, banjo, mandolin, drums, and piano, to name a few. Currently, he is busy writing, recording, and looking to spread his music to anyone who will graciously listen.

Drawing upon the sounds of musicians such as Elliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens and Mark Kozelek, Tim Busovsky establishes a simple, folk rock sound utilizing his proficient skills with the guitar, banjo and mandolin. Likewise with bands such as Animal Collective and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, he experiments with different types of sounds with his wide vocal range and the manipulation of instruments to create a unique, experimental sound but retains his roots in folk rock, giving a breath of beauty and melody to what was once a jumble of strange sounds.

Lyrically, Tim strives to write songs from different perspectives, intentionally infusing a variety of concepts and emotions into a single song. Life is complicated, so the music that reflects it should carry the same likeness.


Your Eyes

Written By: Tim Busovsky

my eyes searched through the room
finding rows to trace
and i made up any excuse
as to why i didn't see your face

but then i knew i thought too soon
when i found a pair of eyes
they were staring right into mine
a single pair that i recognize

then a sudden feeling
turned the pale skies blue
and you're all that matters
when your eyes come into view

with your familiar embrace
we walked out to the street
we were running, the feeling was right
wallowing in the mid-summer heat

passing car, a lamp post light
i looked back at you
you were smiling, the stars in your eyes
and i didn't know what to do

then a sudden feeling
turned the pale skies blue
and you're all that matters
when your eyes come into view

I Want To See Earth From the Moon

Written By: Tim Busovsky

i've never gone
to foreign lands
the ideas i
don't understand

my travels must begin soon
cause i want to see earth from the moon

you think we're
certainly doomed
but love's a flower
that hasn't bloomed

so let's lay together on rocky dunes
and gaze upon earth from the moon

My Sons and Daughters

Written By: Tim Busovsky

when the smoke will disapate
and the love i need transforms from the hate
my heart

i won't have to drown my sorrow
the ever-nearing dawn of tomorrow
the feeling

the best of reasons are in the smallest things
like size nine shoes and diamond rings
then i'll be prepared
for for my future

when i have sons and i have daughters
i want them to have faith in their father
to know right
from wrong

oh my sons and oh my daughters
you have my word i'll never falter
to love and understand
to become a better man


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Have You Forgotten - Red House Painters
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