Tim Butler

Tim Butler


Tim Butler's acoustic instrumental songs laced with smokin' guitar licks, finger picking prowess and complex melodies are a testament to his significant experience, travels and talent. Whether solo, or with percussion and bass you'll be hootin' hollerin' and dancing your feet off!


My current music project is the culmination of many years of playing, recording and travelling the world to discover the richness of musicality that lives within us.

I blend the cultures I have experienced musically into a truly Canadian product.

Working towards a commercial release...


Independent Releases:
Ride That Train (2005)
Blue Sky (2003)
House Sessions (2002)
Between the Trains (2001)
Demolition Blues (1998)
Tim Butler (1998)

Set List

I perform a variety of shows from inst. to original songs solo, or with band. The acoustic trio plays swing standards and latin jazz. As a vocalist I have an extensive repertoire, and often perform 40 songs a night.