Tim Chad and Sherry

Tim Chad and Sherry


Tim Chad and Sherry is a lounge rock act. Indie French label Duex Mill describes our music as a "mix of country and black music with a disconcerting facility." TC&S include members of the Silver Jews and Lambchop.


Brian Kotzur aka Tim Chad is Tim Chad & Sherry’s leader and songwriter. The talented band is made up of members of Silver Jews and Lambchop and combine rock and roll, soft country, r&b and soul. TC&S has been described as Hall and Oates meets The Talking Heads.
Their innovative lounge rock act walks a fine line between satire and genuine emotion. Tim Chad, the self proclaimed “original singer/songwriter from Nashville,” belts out love songs to his adoring fans.
Tim Chad and Sherry’s live show will bring you to your feet and put tears in your eyes.


Baby we can work it out

Written By: Brian Kotzur

I've had some time
for awhile.
The places I go are the places I know of
and I've got time for a wish.
I've been crying my lights out.
I spilt tea on my sheets.
The time that we spent
at Angela's house
you weren't this far away from me.

I made you a list
of all of the good things
you may have missed.
it wasn't so bad.
i know tuesday was sort of a drag
but don't say goodbye.
Only love can see eye to eye.
I know if we talk about it
baby we can work it out.

Love is....

Written By: Brian Kotzur

Oh this maybe sound wrong
but my heart is telling me right.
Oh I can't carry on
without you in my sight.
Keep on singing along
and I'll tell you goodnight.
You and I get along
so shine on me your light.

You keep leading me on
it makes me want to cry.
Even just in a song
you make me feel so high.

Love is like a river
and it flows through my heart.
My love will last forever and you'll know it from the start.
When you put your arms around me and you put me to the test,
you'll know you found your hero


Soft Country

Written By: Brian Kotzur

Soft country in the back of my car.
Soft country is what we are.
Soft Country riding the stars.
Soft country is who we are.

I ditched my buddies
to hang around with you.
We can go out dancing
whatever it is you want to do.
I've met some ladies
but no one's quite like you.
We can settle back easy
do the things we like to do like...


Soft Country-Radio Valencia (Valencia, Spain)
Rocket Tonight-Deux Mill (Toulouse, France)/ "Cocaine Angel" (film by Mike Tulley)
Baby We Can Work It Out-Deux Mill (Toulouse, France)

Set List

The set is typically 60 minutes long and consists of the eleven songs below.
1. Rocket Tonight
2. Caller ID
3. The Love I Make
4. Soft Country
5. Only Lonely
6. I Live and I Love
7. Baby We Can Work It Out
8. Love Is
9. Where Do We Go?
10. Panther talk
11. Sexy People