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Tim Coakley

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Mean Girl

Written By: Tim Coakley

I've been working for the devil and watching you
He says he's loving everything you do
and Im taking you back to hell
Sorry forgot to lock the door
but your not coming home tonight
and don't bother with the phone numbers boys
she's just trying to make some noise

Ah mean girl
Burning them off with a gun
play the juke box to watch her move
slipping into bed with you and
Ah mean girl
made up of just cold and lust
she will make you feel like you've got something real

Mean girl she's having a ball
With baggage so small the boy, they want her all.
The girls want her too
she's looking at you, looking at you
dont look too long.
She'll drag you back to hell where she came from
and lock your doors
your windows too because she's on the loose
she's hiding in the back
wearing all black
glass filled to the rim with jack
waiting to attack

Ooo Im falling in love with you
exactly what you want me to do
You feel me close and you start to run
Im not going to let you go
You sit me down to say that
your not meant to be tamed

Loving everything you do
I talked to devil he said he's loving everything you do


Written By: Tim Coakley

Yeah tell me what you want I work for you
You've taken all my power stripped it down to nude
and Im slipping right out the back of the door
you pull me in wont let me go for hours
Then I push you away just to get some space
then you come back formed as a tidal wave
and corner me into a small dark space
until I crack.

Yeah you've got me drowning into your loving
try to swim but the waves pull me under your skin
then we hit the beds do it all over again
You wonder why I start lying
its just to live like you know I should do
but im drowning in you
drowning in you

Yeah your drowning me out with every word you say
then your pulling me in with your lingerie
and its hit the lights until the next day
then i'm back on the floor girl
yeah Im breathing in air that can get so thin
deep water underneath in a sinking ship
and the land gets farther every time I move an inch
and shark fins are closing in

Ready or not and its hear I come
You pull me in before I can run
you say lets have some fun
how do I go from pushing you
to making love
Im giving up
because I don't want to watch you go

Only a Use to Myself

Written By: Tim Coakley

I've been falling fast for the past year
My words are drowning in the sounds around me
I’m the one in the back of the party constantly filling his cup
Imp begging for just a few words to say
To make people laugh and to make my day
Just for once can I not be the one who ends the talks?
Hey pretty girl walking down the street
I’ll treat you better than any boy you ever meet
Maybe sometimes I lock the door
Lay under covers to see if someone wakes me up
I can’t give my full to anybody else so maybe
I’m only a use to myself
And people think I’m narcissistic but no
I just lost a few key characteristics about myself
Don’t know what to say anymore
Especially when the guy next to me has got the floor
I push some words out and they sound so strained
People push them to the side
Leave me choking in a pool of my lost words
This is gonna drive me crazy
Fitting in
How am I looking?
My patience is wearing thin
Super glue holding my lips
Does anybody have a way to get out of my own skin?
Because i'm just not breaking in
I need to figure myself out before you think you know me

Set List

Mean Girl
Only a Use to Myself
Doesn't Take a Genius
Pushing You Aside
Heal as I Go
Tense Me Up
*Special Never Before Heard New Song*