Tim Cretella

Tim Cretella

 Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

Tim Cretella has been popularly announced at many of his Richmond performances as a "performer who's got his foot as deep in the root as it can go...a kid who's gonna sing you a song that's as timeless as they come..." His charismatic stage presence and sincere delivery of songs captivate audiences.


If ever there was someone who has emersed himself in all that is comprised in the word 'classic' when it comes to music, it is Tim Cretella. He has applied himself to becoming one with the art of melody as a pre-med student studies to understand the biological make-up of the human body. With a voice that inevitably captures the ear, and a sound that evades any exact label, Cretella has and continues to draw audiences to his performances and widen his fanbase in the Washington DC and Richmond area.


Way Back Home

Written By: Tim Cretella

Sun away it slips
Evening's tide gently sifts
Thoughts turn to a friend I miss
Since I said goodbye

Nothing can surpass
A feeling so long that lasts
But my, how the time runs fast
When you're on your way

On your way back home
From on the roam
Trying to fill the void
Time is at my heels
And now I feel
It's time to rest my bones

Fly away my old love
Make room for another one
When the song of new love cries
I can't deny

Oh, but nothing ever dies
Although my heart wanes at times
In the end, these bonds that tie
Will drive us on

On our way back home
From on the roam
Never satisfied
Spin around the wheel
Until we feel
It's time to rest
Still I just wanna fly
One more time
The open skyline
Calls the unkown road
Something to show
We're on our way back home


Single: Way Back Home (played on 106.7 WJFK radio station)

Set List

Typical set: A.) Time- 1-3 hours
B.) Set List- a variation of both originals and covers (covers include Tom Petty, Oasis, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Robert Johnson, Neil Young, and many more).