Tim Dillinger 2

Tim Dillinger 2


Tim Dillinger is bringing an exciting, vibrant sound to the music industry: an exhilarating blend of the old and the new, with a refreshing message based entirely on the spirit of oneness, Dillinger is poised to be a part of the dawning of a new day.


“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream. Wandering by lone sea breakers, and sitting by desolate streams. World losers and world forsakers, for whom the pale moon gleams, yet we are the movers and the shakers in the world forever it seems.”
--Arthur O’Shaughnessy-

The quest for truth has been the underlying foundation of the work of Tim Dillinger, a multi-faceted artist: singer, songwriter, poet, speaker and teacher.

As Tim reflected on the words in Arthur O’Shaughnessy’s quote, he often thought about the past and the enormous part music has played in the history of the world. Protests, weddings, deaths, births and celebrations and inaugurations; all the while unknowingly to humanity at the time, music has made its own history. This movement of music is what shaped Tim Dillinger into who he is today and led Tim down the pathway to melodies he never could have imagined years earlier would come from him. Melodies that he would later use to present his version of truth to the world as he knew it to be at that time and finally now the time has come. He is now a mover and a shaker in the world.

Dillinger credits the writing of his last album, The Muse, with triggering a time of significant personal growth. Shortly after its release, he found himself challenged by his own lyrics, specifically related to matters of authenticity and affirmation.

“Everything I do has a whole new meaning. The response from people who have followed my career has been so rewarding…others finding their voice by watching me take ownership of my own. You don’t realize how many people are watching until you do something like this.”

“Songs are inspired by my experiences. Sometimes they are more than my real-life and, conversely, my life is more than just my songs.” Melissa Etheridge

Now is the time for Tim Dillinger to be known as an artist, poet, writer, and deliver of music. This is the time to use all of whom he is to deliver his message of truth. In doing this Tim Dillinger has come full circle by using his gift of delivery of the gospel message as melodies wrapped in blended notes harmonizing Christian music known as black gospel music to sounds now known as the music of Tim Dillinger. Tim Dillinger is a Believer.

Where does this history of delivery come from? How did Tim Dillinger become such a prolific messenger of the gospel music? Well, Tim Dillinger grew up as a “preacher’s kid” in St. Petersburg, Florida, he was reared on the rich sounds of black gospel music. Artists such as Andraé Crouch, The Hawkins Family and Reba Rambo were the earliest influences, while contemporary Christian artists such as Amy Grant, Randy Stonehill and Leslie Phillips would become equally influential. The blend of these two very different forms of Christian music would take Tim on his own spiritual journey.

Under the tutelage of his godmother, who had an astonishing voice of delivery, Tim began emulating her and began singing in countless churches in the area, honing his craft as a vocalist, developing a reputation as a “church wrecker”. At the age of thirteen, Tim began singing in churches in the Tampa Bay, Florida area and was introduced to New Covenant Holiness Church, a congregation firmly rooted in the tradition of the black church. He was a rarity in the community: a white vocalist who could deliver traditional black gospel with an astounding conviction and authenticity.

By the age of fifteen, Tim was immersed in the culture of the black community, their church, and their musical community. Tim began from the age of 18 to 22, to travel the state of Florida singing at revivals with Grammy Award nominated gospel artist Beverly Crawford, in addition to continuing to work in local churches as a worship leader in his Tampa Bay base. This transition brought Tim to a distinct awareness of race, culture, spirituality and sexuality. This is where CHANGE began for Tim both musically and spiritually. His journey through the pathways of life led him to an unquenchable knowledge of music that he began to go behind closed doors and literally absorb the R&B sounds of Teena Marie, Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan, studying the literature of Ntozake Shange, James Baldwin and Nikki Giovanni and secretly writing songs and poems exploring his thoughts and questions.

Furthering his need of musical exploration Tim later relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 2001 and shortly thereafter re-evaluated his artistic path, making the decision to transition from gospel music to mainstream R&B/soul. Tim became a part of the independent soul scene, releasing two critically acclaimed albums, Love Is On My Mind (2004) and The Muse (2006). Through these albums, he earned a #1 single on London’s Jazz FM, nominations from the Southern Entertainment Awards, SoulTracks.com’s Annual Readers Choice Awards, Nashville’s All The Rage Annual Music Awards and was the recipient of the 2007 SOBO Magazine Music Award.


Love Is On My Mind (2004)
The Muse (2006)
Dawning of A New Day (2009)

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