Tim Doyle & Polydactyl Hemingway

Tim Doyle & Polydactyl Hemingway

 Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

Guitar based composition with references to gypsy, folk, improv, free form and ambient styles.


The guitar plays the main role in the music I write and perform. The music features the inevitable absorption of western pop music with elements of European gypsy folk and occasionally pushing out into more experimental, free form and chance areas. Sometimes acoustic sometimes plugged in, I like to use the full spectrum of sound that the guitar has to offer.

Most recent performances have included a mixed set comprised of solo guitar and quintet featuring violin, french horn, bass and percussion. The performances run a wide range including everything from chamber music, sound-scapes to traditional jazz.

Influences : Zorn, Zappa, Piazzolla, Morricone, Dyens, Fripp, Frissell, Ribot, Kottke, McLaughlin.....