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The best kept secret in music


"FYI Weekly"

If you were one of the unfortunate souls who missed seeing Time at The Palace Friday night for their CD Release Party, then grab the inner skin of your wrist and pinch hard. Don't let go until I tell you.

While still pinching, drive to CD Warehouse and pick up a copy of Time's debut CD "Falling", and see why you are being punished so harshly for missing their show.

Unlike most of the new rock bands playing on the radio lately, Time's sound is unique and diverse. Though they could easily be classified as pop/rock, it is not the insipid, overly produced stuff that top 40 stations try to pass off as music. Instead, Time is among the ranks of bands like Counting Crows and U2. "Falling" is catchy, edgey at points, and full of appealing melodies.

One listen to "Falling" and the band's skills and diverse style is evident with tracks ranging from the upbeat "Falling," the darkly melodic "Why," to the first-single-worthy song "Over and Over."

Lead singer Steve Garrett's voice is powerful enough to believe it when he emotionally shouts "you're making me bleed, this is more than I need," on the album's opening track, "Bleed." His voice becomes a melodic and crooning instrument by the third track, the sad love song "In Your Mind." Harmonies are tight, and Garrett's voice floats easily over the band's well written instrumentation, composed by lead guitarist Dean Newman.

Written by Garrett, Time's lyrics on "Falling" and "Could've Been" appeal to everyone from the broken hearted to the introspective to the love struck.

The album's last two songs, "Don't Look" and "Breathing Slowly" were written on the fly when the band felt they didn't have enough tracks for a full length CD, Garrett said. It's hard to believe that those songs, easily among the best on "Falling," haven't been in the band's repetoire for years. This just showcases the talent of the members of Time. They're definitely a band to be taken seriously.

There is nothing holding Time back from making it into the mainstream. "Falling" is an awesome debut CD. The band is off to a great start, and hopefully it will only get better from here.

Okay, you can let go of your wrist now. - Helen Anne Travis


Okay, to tell you the truth I had no clue who Time was before this article, and when I went around trying to find someone to come see them with me it seemed as if no one else had heard of them. Well open your f**king ears people, get off of your asses and go see this band’s live show! If you weren’t at their March 28th CD release party you should’ve been because the girls they attract are gorgeous, especially the blond who was standing right in front of Time’s lead singer Steve Garrett (bro, I know you saw her looking). The energy that each of the band members brings to the stage is only intensified by their ability to pull their crowd into each song.

So here I am standing by myself at the show, yeah I know pretty pathetic, and I am thinking to myself that this night would’ve been a waste if it weren’t for Time’s ability to bring the f**king house down. There were two songs at the show that revealed what this band is truly capable of. If a band can take someone else’s song and make it sound like it was theirs all along then you know it has some talent. Time performs a slightly faster, more kick ass version of Counting Crows “Round Here” that would make Adam Duritz jealous. A few songs later when Andrea Wiggins came out for the violin on “Don’t Look,” a standout track on the CD as well, I was officially sold on the fact that this band is the real f**king deal. I highly recommend that you pick up their new CD Falling; it’s only 10 bucks so cut back on your Pokey Sticks intake for a night or two and buy this CD.
- Jesse Feldman

"The Independent Alligator"

After three years of searching, it’s finally clicked for local boys Time.

In the beginning, they auditioned “at least 10 or 11” bassists, says lead guitarist Dean Newman, before finding four-stringer Joe Palmer. The hunt for a drummer was even harder – after losing their last one, they auditioned scores of skinsmen – some good, some not quite in control of their faculties.

“One of us could tie an arm behind his back and do better than most of those people,” recalls Newman with a visible shudder.

Luck prevailed when, through the wonders of e-mail, Time found drummer Steve Julian.

With rudiment-heavy chops forged in the fire of drum corps, Julian had never been in a rock band before Time. Drawing his inspiration from drummers like 311’s Chad Sexton, Julian forged ahead, learning the drum parts to Time’s established songs and diligently devising new parts for the songs the band had been working on in their months of playing acoustic shows.

For two months, the band drilled their new drummer.

“We busted his balls,” laughs Newman.

After the rigorous rehearsals, Time poured their three years of experience and newfound unity into the recording of their first LP, “Falling.” Newman and vocalist Steve Garrett took the reins in the studio, producing and engineering the album themselves.

So how does it sound?

Time’s come a long, long way since we looked at their three-song demo.

The band’s core elements remain – Garrett’s complex, plaintive vocals, Newman’s subtle electric and acoustic wizardry and a clockwork-tight, groovy rhythm section. The addition of Julian is instantly audible, with tasteful hi-hat and snare flourishes coloring many tracks.

Though the core sound of “Falling” is based around the pop-rock stylings heard on the band’s demo, the album dramatically branches out, running the gamut from the ethereal, beautiful “Don’t Look” to the bouncing rock of the leadoff cut, “Bleed.”

One of the album’s hallmarks is the interplay between Newman’s guitar and Garrett’s vocals. Often on equal melodic footing, the two voices intertwine beautifully, as in “Over and Over” with Newman carrying the melody and stepping out for a burst of soaring solo work reminiscent of Vertical Horizon virtuoso Matthew Scannell.

No matter the song, “Falling” is a striking example of sonic depth and maturity from a local scene terminally short on originality. It is the sound of four individuals coming together to make fantastic, unique music.

“We’ve finally found the type of music we’re going to play,” says Newman.
Time’s CD “Falling” is available at CD Warehouse in Gainesville and through their Web site, www.time-band.com.

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- Steve Kirschner


-First self titled EP released April 2001
-First 11 track album to be released March 28, 2003
-"Why", "Bleed", and "In Your Mind", recieve new music radio play on WYKS 105.3, WRUF 103.7, WHHZ 100.5


Feeling a bit camera shy


Since their current lineup formed in January 2002, Time has been unstoppable. From being able to draw 1000+ people headlining in their hometown of Gainesville, FL, to gaining national industry attention, Time’s success has been attributed to their hard work and dedication to their music. Their debut album, “Falling” has only served to increase the buzz revolving around Time.

Time, consisting of Steve Garrett (vocals/guitar), Dean Newman (guitar/vocals), Joe Palmer (bass), and Steve Julian (drums), all share a bond that is linked together not only by their love of music, but a friendship that ties it all together. It’s this bond that truly makes their songs a melting pot of musical diversity. Drawing from influences consisting of a wide range of artists (Toad the Wed Sprocket, Matchbox 20, Jimi Hendrix, Tonic, Radiohead, 311, Sting, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers just to name a few), one can immediately take one listen to “Falling” and hear eleven finely crafted songs that brings each member’s musical soul to the table.

Time’s potential has no limit. The media has already taking notice, writing things such as “Though they could easily be classified as pop/rock, it is not the insipid, overly produced stuff that top 40 stations try to pass off as music. Instead, Time is among the ranks of bands like Counting Crows and U2.” Time has already been featured on websites such as songandfim.com, the leading film industry web portal, makeastar.com where they were voted as having one of the top two songs in the nation by an unsigned band by both fans and a panel of industry executives, and was also selected to showcase at the 2003 Axis Florida Music Festival. Also, awarestore.com (a division of Aware Records) has hand selected Time’s “Falling” to be one of the few albums that they showcase on their highly successful online store.

Combine an amazing live show that’s able to attract hundreds of devoted fans, brilliant song writing, and an album that’s “a striking example of sonic depth and maturity” it’s easy to see what the hype is all about.