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Dyer, Indiana, United States

Dyer, Indiana, United States
Band Hip Hop Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos




Music that is “completely new, completely original, truly different and uniquely captivating” is what you will find with T.I.M.E. – the duo of Tom Mattingly and Josh Garza, a.k.a. InSaNi-T and BiLe.

The group’s unique style and original sound – hip-hop, with a mix of soul and old school - comes from its unique members InSaNi-T and BiLe.

The group spent a productive 2010 summer working on new music and opening for legends such as TechN9NE, E-40 and Three 6 Mafia. Things were looking good until tragedy struck in October when BiLe, a construction worker by trade, was a victim of the Bi-State shooting spree.

With the support and prayers of family and friends, BiLe spent the past few months of the year rehabilitating from the injuries he sustained. InSaNi-T and YodaRoc, the group’s producer, recently spoke to WHPK 88.5 FM about the incident and updated the hip-hop community on what lies ahead.

T.I.M.E. will be headlining a benefit for victims of the Bi-State shootings on Sunday, January 9th at Gino’s Steakhouse, 1259 W. Joliet Street in Dyer. The all-ages event will include raffles, prizes, and free appetizers, along with beer and wine tasting. Minimum donation is $5 at the door.

Joining InSaNi-T and BiLe in this benefit will be Gerhart, Josh Tree, Old Wives Tails, Cochise Soulstar, Mr. Shapeless and Pig Philosophy. All proceeds will benefit the victims and their families. The duo is ready to get back on track to where they were headed before the October shooting. They are currently booking 2011 venues and eager to get back on stage.

T.I.M.E. (which stands for The Illest Mutha------- Ever) got to where they are with hard work and dedication. InSaNi-T and Bile, along with YodaRoc take care of everything themselves – book shows, promote, perform and even run sound.

“None of us grew up with a silver spoon or opportunities that fell into our lap,” InSaNi-T said. “We knew if we wanted something, we would have to go get it.”

InSaNi-T and BiLe both grew up in Dyer, and YodaRoc in Sauk Village. Public school wasn't for any of them and all three were home-schooled, growing up in the lower middle-class with a desire for better things, bigger stages and most of all – a love for hip-hop.

InSaNi-T and YodaRoc met in 2006, and the two hit it off immediately. YodaRoc produced over half of InSaNi-T's solo album. While he was writing and recording the album, InSaNi-T was introduced to BiLe, who instantly showed interest and promise in music.

“Through time, BiLe showed he had the ability and skill to rock the mic just as well as the rest of us,” InSaNi-T said. “Been doing it together ever since.”

They have appeared locally at clubs like Sopranos and Cavanaugh’s, and at big city venues like Subterranean in Chicago and the Rave in Milwaukee – which was one of the group’s most memorable shows.

“It was our first show in Milwaukee and we weren’t sure what to expect from the crowd. They weren’t showing the other performers much love,” recalled InSaNi-T.

T.I.M.E. took the stage and the crowd went crazy. “That’s when we knew we weren’t just a local sensation… we could transcend into other areas,” he said.

The pair has been influenced by a wide range of music genres, from hip-hop (Nas, Jedi Mind Tricks, 7L & Esoteric, Ill Bill, ICP) to classical (Beethoven and Bach) to rock. “Our rock influences include Pink Floyd, Boston, Steve Miller and Rush, and it’s not uncommon to hear some Miles Davis or John Coltrane around us,” added InSaNi-T.

While the Northwest Indiana music scene is heavily dominated by rock type bands, the duo hopes to book some more dates locally in the 2011. “We’re trying some to get into the college circuit now, but we’ll rock a mic anywhere they’re willing to have us,” said InSaNi-T. “We rarely turn down a show, always down to rock the mic, wherever, whenever.”

T.I.M.E. will play at Ball State in February for a benefit for Riley Children’s Hospital and is booking into the new year through its management team at ClockWork Studios.

The group has a very unique logo – an hourglass flanked with wings. InSaNi-T came up with the design after a group collaboration.

“We love clocks and hour glasses…time is the one constant in this world,” said InSaNi-T. “With ClockWork Studios, our gears are always running, trying to get where we need to be.”

T.I.M.E.’s official website - www.clockworkstudios.net – contains a wealth of information about the group, along with clips of its music. You can also find out more about T.I.M.E. at the following sites: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TIME/310877705049 - NWI ENTERTAINER MAGAZINE

"T.I.M.E. is now"

"A song is a mini time machine that allows you to drift back to the moment where you got the girl, you laughed until you cried or you played air guitar without conviction because the solo is just that good. T.I.M.E. is a local group that combines hip hop with an alternative sound while never forgetting the classics. This group stays true to their love of music, the lyrics and the sense of being in the now. It is crucial to remember what a song is about. The structure of the beats. The meaning of the lyrics. The uncontrollable feeling that takes over the body every time even the first few cords play. This is what music is about and that is the message that T.I.M.E. tries to carry with them where ever they go. Love what you do and do it to your fullest ability. A T.I.M.E. experience fuses music with the energy of the people creating something quite unforgettable, something timeless." - Meghan Payne - The Chronicle, Purdue University Calumet


T.I.M.E. – Abstract Insanity (2 CDs) 09/2003
InSaNi-T – My Thoughts (and Other Such Lunacy) 06/2009



The first question we ask people when they hear our music is, “Who do we sound like?” The answer we get 9 times out of 10 is, “Nobody I’ve ever heard.” That’s what we go for, like nobody and like nothing you’ve ever heard. Our music is completely new, completely original, truly different, and uniquely captivating. A thought provoking style of hip-hop, infused with the soul of old and the wordplay of new. Our T.I.M.E. is now!

**There is a recent gap in our schedule due to a group member having throat surgery, he is recuperating fine and we will be back out there in mid July!**

A Brief History

T.I.M.E.’s unique sound and original style come from its two unique members. Tom Mattingly a.k.a. InSaNi-T has always had a passion for music, especially hip hop. Since 1991, he has been a devote student of the hip hop world to the point of a historian. In 1999, InSaNi-T began composing lyrics in the simple single syllable rhyme scheme to today’s elaborate precision craftsmanship of a Machinist. In 2001, InSaNi-T began recording mix tapes with DJ KZA, HoopStar, and others on KZA’s tape deck and turntables. Shortly after, InSaNi-T obtained a PC, began producing and recording, and in September 2003, T.I.M.E.’s Double LP “Abstract Insanity” was released. In 2008, Josh Garza a.k.a. Bile was added to the roster to perfect the group. From the time he was old enough to walk; it was easy to see that music would play a major roll in his life. Bile’s family exposed him to such a wide variety of genres that his eclectic style amazes both young and old alike. Since then, T.I.M.E. has worked countless hours to build their own studio, build an unstoppable network of artist, and continued to spit the ill raps. Ninety percent of the shows we play; we book, manage, supply equipment, mix sound, and perform. Now with the release of InSaNi-T’s debut solo, “My Thoughts (and other such Lunacy), the future never looked so bright. With hits like “Take my Breath Away, Wonderful World, and Adjust, the talent is undeniable, the skill is clear, and the attention will follow. There’s nothing out there even comparable to this truly original act. Do The Math: Alternative + Hip Hop + Knowledge + Raw Lyrical Excellence=T.I.M.E......Future includes T.I.M.E.’s New Album, mix tapes, collaborations, shows, and much more!

Past Shows
6/24/09 – Cavanaugh’s Sports Bar Schererville, IN
7/11/09 – Soprano’s Lounge Griffith, IN
8/01/09 – All Ages Show @ VFW 6881 Hammond, IN
8/04/09 – Cavanaugh’s Sports Bar Schererville, IN
8/15/09 – Half-Time Sports Bar Elkhart, IN
8/17/09 – The Garage Schererville, IN
8/21/09 – Soprano’s Lounge Griffith, IN
8/29/09 – All Ages Show @ Beatniks on Conkey Hammond, IN
9/01/09 – The Garage Schererville, IN
9/04/09 – Soprano’s Lounge Griffith, IN
9/09/09 – The Liar’s Club Chicago, IL
9/26/09 – Mighty Mick’s Winfield, IN
9/30/09 – US Beer Co. Chicago, IL
10/03/09 – The Green Olive Chicago, IL
10/09/09 – Papi Chulo’s Chicago, IL
10/31/09 – Soprano’s Lounge Griffith, IN
11/13/09 – Soprano’s Lounge Griffith, IN
11/20/09 – Soprano’s Lounge Griffith, IN
12/27/09 – Subterranean Chicago, IL