Time 2 Lead

Time 2 Lead

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We use the power of music, live role play scenes involving the audience and world class leadership experience to teach adults in a way that delivers results. We build our program on the fly with real scenarios that the participants give us to help them find better resolutions.


Let’s face it. Adults have a shorter attention span than teenagers when it comes to lecture based training in a classroom setting. They have too much on their minds. Work priorities, family priorities, deadlines, etc. On top of that, the ability to get email, text messages and Facebook updates, while in a classroom, create the ultimate distraction.

So how can an organization justify paying for a lecture-based trainer? That trainer would need to do four things.
1. Teach sound principles that can be put into practice immediately.
2. Deliver the training in a manner that people understand quickly, identify as pertinent to them, and prompts them to take action.
3. Be entraining enough to get people’s attention quickly and compelling enough to keep it for the duration of the event.
4. Be memorable and even unforgettable.
Adults tend to prefer active learning where instructional experiences are related to their real-life situations (Mezirow, 1981). Retention of information for adult learners can be maximized through activity (Thomas, 1991).

Our Time 2 Lead program was built around this mission statement:
Tell me and I forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I understand.

Matt Lewis is a gifted singer-songwriter who has recorded four studio albums and played with the likes of Snoop Dog and Maroon 5. He is a talented actor who has been on the big and little screen. He is also a great teacher who has spent years working with troubled youth.

Fritz Black spent most of his life leading teams in a manufacturing setting before branching out in the training and consulting industry. He started two successful training companies and developed a unique experiential training program that took participants to a working cattle ranch for leadership training.