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Rap Pages Magazine is pleased to announce that Price is the next Up & Coming artist reigning from the West Coast!!! - RAP PAGES MAGAZINE


Guappin is one of my major singles being released, it's has been on commercials and played on Los Angeles #1 radio station "Power106". I also released a mixtape in February 2008 called "Time to Pay the Price". I recently released my Demo called "Diamond in a Rough". Look out for my new mixtape album dropping on 09/01/09 called "Time 2 Pay pt.2"



Price was born Remington C. Orr on March 23, 1988 in Orange, New Jersey to Wanda Orr, and Keith Orr. His siblings, Keith, Cedric and Monalisa were all raised in a Christian home and his parents made sure that almost every Sunday regardless of what was going on that they were at Church. When his parents separated Price and his siblings moved to Los Angeles, California with his mom at a young age. It was a drastic change; the weather, the people, especially the schools. Price and his family lived in Lynwood, California with his Grandma and then he moved to an apartment in Long Beach. It was rough going to school with all the gang violence and Price got use to his new environment really quick.

His father ended up moving out to California a few years later and at this time the family was living on 11th Ave and 54th Str. right off Crenshaw. Price has always loved to listen to rap/r&b growing up because it was a way for him to escape everything else that was going on. Price was raised up listening to some of the best artists such as; Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan, Big L, Jay-Z, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Bone Thugz n Harmony, the LOX, and many other great artists. His older siblings exposed him to a lot of things in life growing up that helped him become a more experienced person. Price has been compared to most people his age and he has been told that lyrically he is more complexed than others.

After a few years of living in California, his father and oldest brother moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan (aka GunRu). Not long after, Cedric, Monalisa, and Price decided on moving out there as well. Michigan was a lot similar to New Jersey, being that it snowed a lot, and there wasn't that much gang violence going on. Price found himself free styling every once in a while with his brother Cedric, he's the one who taught Price the basics of rhyming and formulating his words to make sense. Price would play basketball outside and would see people flowing in small ciphers all the time. After weeks of rapping to himself at home and school, he finally got the courage to flow in front of his friends. The reaction he got was unbelievable, everybody loved the way Price would spit and always wanted to hear more from him. He even taught a couple of his homies how to rap and they immediately caught on. From free styling in small circles to battling in big crowds, his buzz grew heavily.

On May 31, 2002, Prices father passed away, he had been fighting colon cancer for a few years, but it eventually took his life. Price felt so hurt knowing that his dad would never be around anymore. It was very hard for Price to cope, but having a loving family was the greatest gift God could have ever blessed him with. Price made a promise that he would make his dad proud no matter what. Price believes that promise has already been fulfilled.

A year or so after his father passed, Price made a choice to move back to California with his mom, it was the best choice he ever made. Price thanks his mother for everything she has done, without her Price wouldn't be here. She always had his back whether he was right or wrong; of course she always encouraged him to do right. Still to this day he can always count on her to be there for him.

Once Price moved backed to California, while he was in High School, he started hanging out with mostly gang members. Price got involved with a lot of beef with different gangs, but didn't really care because he loved fighting since elementary. To him, it was just the same sh*t different place. Price became popular pretty quick everywhere he went, regardless of how many people didn't get along with him. By his junior year he had attended close to 15 schools due to moving or getting kicked out because of fighting. Every school Price went to, from middle school on up, he made a serious name for himself as a rapper. The name "Price" started to ring bells everywhere he went.

At age 17, Price built a recording studio in his room. That's when his life really changed! He taught himself how to work all the equipment, started recording song after song, and completely blocked out everything else. His family could not believe the tracks that he was writing; he recorded about 60 songs within a month an a half.

Just recently, Price was involved in a battle for $10,000 hosted by Floyd Mayweather Jr. called "King of the Ring Freestyle Battle" in Michigan. There was about 150 contestants and five judges, (Jadakiss, Styles P, Swiss Beats, Kid Capri, and Shawna from DTP). He didn't win the 10 stacks but he did make it to the final round. When he arrived back home, he released his mix tape "Time to Pay the Price". Price has drops on there from Willie the Kid and a few others, hosted by DJ Head Debiase. "Time 2 Pay Part 2" will be released soon.

Price has been networking a lot with major recording artists and producers hoping to land a record deal.

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