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"Time and distance - Blood Loss For an Excuse REVIEW"

Greg McGowan is at the helm of Time and Distance. Though the group would later be rounded out with a full band (in a progression similar to Dashboard Confessional), Blood Loss for an Excuse showcases McGowan mostly relying on just his acoustic guitar and broken heart to get through the EP's five songs. Not entirely dissimilar in style to Chris Carrabba's early handiwork, the album is absolutely primed to be put on repeat during lonely times locked in one's bedroom after school following a bitter breakup. The songs are sweet, self-indulgent little ditties about adolescent love lost. Sure, McGowan is upset and rather bitter, but clever lines thrown in like "yeah you've got cute, now I wish you'd get sane" throw some humor into the mix to help the EP's mood avoid outright forlornness. And thankfully, McGowan's voice is also not the irritating whine that so many like him boast, instead enhancing songs like the standout, emotion-fueled "Pretend You Don't Know." While there are already more than enough emo albums available to guide one through the ashes of a failed relationship via acoustic means, Time and Distance has an extra little something that suggests the ability to expand past simple heartbreak. Blood Loss for an Excuse is good starting point that will hopefully lead to even better things. - Corey Apar, All Music Guide

"Time and Distance - The Way It Should Be"

It has been a couple years since I was introduced to this once solo acoustic-rock project from Charleston, WV. Since then, this four-piece has toured the country relentlessly with bands like Taking Back Sunday, Midtown, Daphne Loves Derby, and hundreds more. To say the least, this is one of the hardest working bands in the music scene. The Way It Should Be was recorded last spring and due to personal decisions was not released on their current home I-Surrender Records. The release date and label is still undetermined.

The dueling vocals provided by Greg McGowan and Derek Reese are unusually crisp for a two-singer combo. Aaron Squareds bass and Ryan Wares drumming create a well-rounded rhythm section. What you might notice after a few listens is that there is very little extra instrumentation done on this record. Besides a track guest produced by Heath Sacreno of Midtown, almost all of what you hear, you will hear in the live show.

The first track titled Up-Out & Over it begins with a frustrated attack on a former romantic interest saying,I cant wait for this to end. Wouldnt it be fitting if that were the theme of the whole record? Fortunately, its not. This track is a very catchy, ready-for-the-radio song that has become quite addicting.

Moving forward to I Miss New York, my favorite track on this record; As far as musicianship goes, it quite a simple song. What I am most impressed with is the caliber of back up vocalist Derek Reese. He handles most of the bridge, with vocals that I wish were seen in a lot more of the music in this genre. His melody is high, yet powerful and full, a great complement to Gregs vocals.

This record is filled with other great tracks like Remember and Until its Over, and the do-it-yourself recording of Addicted. With traditional chord progressions, and catchy melodies, this is not a breakthrough record by any means. The truth is that they are a very solid band that is ready for the mainstream. This record has potential to be every ones guilty pleasure, & maybe land them on one of the many major labels that have been following them since their first national tour.

Track Listing
1. Up Out & Over It
2. Lost In Me
3. Four To Go
4. I Miss New York
5. Remember
6. Until It’s Over
7. Say Anything
8. A Promise
9. Coast To Coast
10. Three Days Late
11. Addicted

- Michael Schneider (Driven Far Off)


BLOOD LOSS FOR AN EXCUSE ep - released 8/03 on i-surrender records - featured on mtv/mtv2 advanced warning show (9/03), voted best acoustic album of 2003 by absolutepunk.net, songs featured on various compilations distibuted at major festivals in spring/summer 04

THE WAY IT SHOULD BE lp - released 8/15/06 - produced by matt squire (panic! at the disco, cute is what we aim for, etc), songs licensed to MTV for use in shows like the real world / road rules, heavy buzz from absolutepunk.net / alternative press / mean street / etc. "until it's over" added by tons of college / internet radio stations.

GRAVITY lp - released 7.14.09 on Not Alone Records, Produced by Rob Freeman (hit the lights, cobra starship, armor for sleep, etc). Features "away we go", "living in fiction" and more!



In just six years, West Virginia-based TIME AND DISTANCE has evolved from a kid with a guitar to a professional touring band that has played hundreds of venues and shared stages with CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR, RELIANT K, MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK, BOYS LIKE GIRLS, HIT THE LIGHTS, and numerous others. Their songs have been featured on MTV, Vans Warped Tour, and radio stations around the country. TIME AND DISTANCE’s debut LP, “THE WAY IT SHOULD BE” is a top seller on iTunes and Smartpunk.com, and features multi-platinum superproducer MATT SQUIRE (PANIC AT THE DISCO, BOYS LIKE GIRLS, THE USED, ALL TIME LOW). Amidst their success, rapidly expanding fanbase, and growing popularity, TIME AND DISTANCE came from humble beginnings.

In early 2002, singer / songwriter GREG McGOWAN began to write songs that would soon evolve into TIME AND DISTANCE’s “BLOOD LOSS FOR AN EXCUSE” EP. McGowan played shows for his friends at venues around Charleston and in 2003, McGowan caught the attention of I-SURRENDER RECORDS. McGowan was quickly signed to the label, and was touring the country with MIDTOWN, A STATIC LULLABY, THE MOVIELIFE, THE HONORARY TITLE, and ONELINEDRAWING.

By 2005, the band was in Washington DC with award-winning producer Matt Squire. Squire pushed the band toward new levels of creativity, and within a few days, the band had recorded eleven songs that would become TIME AND DISTANCE’s debut LP “THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.”

Soon after finishing their debut LP in 2006, TIME AND DISTANCE decided to part ways with I-SURRENDER RECORDS to focus on their do-it-yourself attitude. The band booked their own tours, and their debut LP sold out at shows around the US. Still today, “THE WAY IT SHOULD BE” is a top seller on ITUNES and leading music distribution websites around the nation. The band wrapped up 2006 by supporting RELIANT K, VALENCIA, MAE, SUGARCULT, OVER IT, THE SPILL CANVAS, and others on tour.

The band utilized the rest of 2006 and 2007 to write an arsenal of new material and focus on promotion and ALTERNATIVE PRESS Magazine declared TIME AND DISTANCE “One of the ten best unsigned bands in the US.” When the band wasn’t in the studio working on new material, they were on the road with national acts such as BOYS LIKE GIRLS, FOUR LETTER LIE, ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, and ROSES ARE RED.

2008 has continued to usher in new success for the band, as they signed to new indie label Not Alone Records, as well as gaining endorsement deals with Aguilar,SJC CUSTOM DRUMS, DUNLOP, MICHAEL KELLY GUITARS, and BREATHE ATLANTIC CLOTHING. The band spent the summer of 2008 writing new songs that, in the words of Greg McGowan, “have taken on a myriad of new directions…both lyrically and sonically.” TIME AND DISTANCE recently released a new single titled “BABY BE…” that received tens-of-thousands of plays on Myspace in a few short days.

TIME AND DISTANCE recently partnered with multi-platinum music executive CJ BAKKE (FALL OUT BOY, PANIC AT THE DISCO, T.I.) and FINAL CONNECTION MANAGEMENT to expand their fan base and obtain new levels of success. As one critic said, “TIME AND DISTANCE is a movement. Can their songs change the world? I’m not sure, but this band has the hooks, talent, songs, and looks to make the takeover.”

Time And Distance entered the studio with producer Rob Freeman (hit the lights, ex-hidden in plain view, etc) to record their 2nd LP, "gravity" which was released July 14, 2009 via Not Alone Records.