Time and The Dragon

Time and The Dragon

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Six overly talented Rock & Roll lovers who brought different influences of the genre to bat and hit a homerun. A blend of hard rock, classic rock, and country rock, these guys don't mess around. Fleetwood Mac meets Bruce Springsteen, then they go out to have a drink with Foo Fighters.


Who is Time and The Dragon?

Most ideas conceived under the influence are historically doomed by the coming of dawn. But through the mother of all hangovers one lingering ember remained. And it bore a fire that became the inferno that is known today as the LA rock gauntlet, Time and the Dragon.

"...Moist, rich and unforgiving. This is a bloggable band..."-Jesus

"Truly boundaryless..."-Stephen Colbert...'s friend

"They write music you can jerk off to."- Handy McTickletouch

"But how?"-The Masses

Brothers Nick Morris and Kalen Chase formed Time and the Dragon as a faux-country-rock hybrid duo at the end of the first decade of the new millennium. Their breakout performance, hosted by a pretentious spoken word club in Silver Lake, was nearly their last. Bombarded by a neckerchief laden Bukowski enthusiast T and the D were ready to retreat. Suddenly, a dreadlocked Bostonite and a bearded Irish-Mexican descended upon the malcontent and beat the crap out of him. Their names were Dan Welby and Jason Fresquez, and the brothers bade them to become their rhythm section. And it was so.

Later, at a funeral, the four inebriated men about town heard a siren song that could only have come from the throat of Jo Nagle, a saucy dame whom the bro's and co. bade join their merry band. And it was so.

Though five was a decent number for this band of misfits, they felt an obsessive need for more. Amidst the herded mass of drunken fools that crowd the late night trough, they found a lad who's croon came straight from the angels themselves. Or perhaps demons. Nevertheless, the group was glad of this discovery and soon became an even half dozen.

And such as it was in a time within time
Flew a dragon and friends drinking rye and bud light
They were noisy and cude
And so oft' they were nude
And their music shall promptly
Make babies in you

T and the D OUT!

P.S. this happens forever