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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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"Time Is Flying for Timeflies"

The future is looking very bright for Cal and Rob “Rez” Resnick, the musical masterminds of electro-pop-hip-hop-rap group Timeflies. In the months following their first major release, with the track “All Night” in late October 2010, the duo has built a formidable following. Now with more than 10,000 Facebook fans—and 100 more joining every day—Cal and Rez, both 22, have mastered the fine art of social media, using Twitter to generate and perpetuate hype among thousands of followers, who eagerly await the release of Timeflies’ first album, The Scotch Tape, early next month.

“There’s no doubt that social media has been hugely instrumental for us getting all these fans,” says Cal, the vocalist, who met Rez, the beat-maker instrumentalist, at a party when they were undergrads at Tufts University, near Boston. “I’ve got to say, I was a little reluctant at first to create a Twitter account, but Rob convinced me to get [my] act together. We try to respond to fans and retweet their comments and just keep our fan base buzzing—keep them involved in what we’re doing and stay involved with them.”

Indeed, the Internet has been good for Timeflies, whose videos on YouTube—most of them amateur-hour productions featuring Cal freestyling over Rez’s remix—have together received more than one million views. Nearly 150,000 of those resulted from their catchy reinterpretation of The Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea,” in which Cal, between sips from a can of Bud Light, soulfully strings together his flow while Rez goes to town on his new steel drum, a graduation present. The video was posted on June 7, 2011, as part of “Timeflies Tuesdays,” when they release an original musical video—a weekly routine the pair started “to give people an insight into what we’re doing,” according to Cal.

“Something we’re proud of, but that’s also a little shocking, is that we’ve done every recording basically in whatever bedroom I’m living in,” Rez says of their self-styled “nomadic studio,” which will lose much of its wanderlust when he moves, this October, into a Brooklyn apartment with a space reserved for recording music.

Aside from a shared, and often hysterical, love of Timeflies, the group’s fan base is as diverse as Cal’s and Rez’s respective musical tastes. Asked about their newly released single, “Stunner,” a track off The Scotch Tape with a relatively mainstream sound, the double act takes a you-can’t-win-’em-all approach. “[‘Stunner’ has] done really well, especially the acoustic version we put out. People are loving it,” says Rez, who cites electro-centric British D.J. Flux Pavillion among his musical influences. “That said, we’re always going to have our hip-hop fans who like some of our tracks where Cal does more freestyling and the beats are a little more hip-hop. They’re always going to say [‘Stunner’] is too pop-y.”

“At the same time we put out a raw hip-hop track and we got the same comments: ‘Where’s the pop-y?,’” adds Cal—who credits a longtime penchant for Blues kingpin Muddy Waters, A Tribe Called Quest, and Janice Joplin for his unique sound—of the unavoidable discord among their fans. “So that’s one of the pitfalls of deciding that we’re not going to be in a specific genre . . . but the fact is we’re going to keep covering all of those genres.”

In Cal and Rez’s shared opinion, good music, like anything else worthwhile, takes time and effort to find, just as it does to create. But thanks to the innumerable digital platforms at their immediate disposal, the task of locating quality music is now much easier than ever before, they say.

“The Internet is a great place for music, and it’s really awesome that we’ve been so successful at it. We give everything out for free . . . At this point it’s not about revenue,” says Rez, before Cal cuts in: “If we build it, then the success will come. But there’s no reason to rush that.” - Vanity Fair

"Timeflies - Lose My Mind"

I’m blown away by the quality tracks that these guys seem to be pumping
out. Rob and Cal really do work on this new party track, Lose My Mind. With a
driving beat, some dubstep elements, a blend between gritty and smooth synths,
and catchy lyrics, this one has the makings of a hit. - The Kollection

"Timeflies - Cars Money and Fame"

I can’t stress enough the difference between Timeflies and 95% of college frat
scene. How many times do you hear a song and wish the production level was
higher? They’re looking to provide incredible tracks each time for the fans they
already have, as well as the fans they get each day. Big things are in the future
for Timeflies. - Nazzteemusic

"BroBible Presents: Timeflies' The Scotch Tape"

BroBible and FreshNewTracks proudly present Timeflies' debut EP, The Scotch Tape. The Boston-based duo brings you 11 original tracks blending hip-hop, electronic and rock into one. Their video for 'Turn It Up' has picked up 100k+ views in two weeks and the EP is already climbing the iTunes charts having been out for just a few hours. You can download the EP for free at www.scotchdup.com and supoort Timeflies on iTunes here.

The boys are hosting their sold-out album release party tomorrow night at Arlene's Grocery in NYC and you can catch them on tour this fall. Be sure to keep up with all things Timeflies at their website, Facebook and follow them on Twitter. - BroBible

"Timeflies - The Scotch Tape"

As one of the first blogs ever to post Timeflies, we have had the gratifying opportunity to watch and aid in their growth. Over the past year, this duo comprised of producer Rob Resnick and Singer/Rapper Cal, have worked tirelessly in the pursuit of their passion. Their highly anticipated EP titled The Scotch Tape represents the culmination of months and months of hard work, and after your first listen I am convinced you will see why we are so excited about this project. So without further adieu, FNT is proud to introduce, The Scotch Tape.

After releasing The Scotch Tape Timeflies will be touring the country playing shows at colleges and venues from coast to coast. Check out TimefliesMusic.com for all tour dates and hit up booking@timefliesmusic.com to bring them to your school. You can download the album for free here or support them on iTunes here.

Timeflies will be celebrating the release of The Scotch Tape with a sold out concert at Arlene’s Grocery (FNT’s very own DJ JurisDoc Will be opening) in NYC followed by an after party at Gallery Bar tomorrow night. - Fresh New Tracks

"The Scotch Tape Well Done"

Pop music is something I usually let stay on the radio, but recently The Scotch Tape has been really growing on me. If you havent’t heard of this duo from Boston MA, it would be too easy to take one look at this album and brush it off as another Hip-hop/Pop artist trying to blow up. These guys may have a poppy sound, but its great. Cal, the vocalist both sings and raps and kills at both. His lyrics are clever and new, and his voice does not sound like a rapper trying to sing. Rob Resnick Throws down on all the production, and let me say the kid is a pro. His range of production goes all the way through from Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Dubstep. It is not often that both rapper and producer are highlighted equally. Either of them could be doing it on their own, but in todays music world this is a much more powerful force. The whole record its self is crisp and well produced. They also made a Sick Music Video To Their Song; Turn It Up. We don’t typically too much Pop or R&B sounding material, but this is pretty sick, what do you think? This album dives into a bunch of genres, with a poppy electronic theme. We picked a harder dubstep track and a more hip hop based track to sample the album. Give it a listen and enjoy! - This Song Is Sick


[Fade] shows yet another new side to this duo. The song is great, and the lyrics will be sure to hit home for some of you. These guys are going to blow up so spread the word. - Gravity Beatz


If you told me this morning that I'd be posting a hip hop song from two white kids from Tufts I'd say you were nuts. Turns out this is the best song I've heard all day. Really digging this. - Hype Floats


I've said this many times, but Rob is becoming an absolute beast in the studio,
producing beats that are so fresh…Cal, is smooth with his delivery…His lyricism
/ song writing is on point…I think it's safe to say Cal & Rob are going to take
over soon enough. - Stagsflow


The Scotch Tape (album):

Turn It Up
Everything I Do
Shades of Grey
Ex Games
For You
Until The Sunrise


All Night
Teenage Dream (ft Loggy)
Lose My Mind
Cars Money and Fame
The Chase
Never Grow Up (ft. Loggy and Mike Stud)



Timeflies is a music duo consisting of 22 year-olds Cal (vocalist) and Rez (producer) that formed in October 2010. Though they got their start in Boston, Cal and Rez are originally from New York and New Jersey, respectively. Using elements of pop, hip-hop, electro, dub step, and rock, Timeflies aims to escape genre limitations, and to create music that everyone can relate to.

In late September, Timeflies released their debut album, The Scotch Tape, which proved to be a huge success. In just over 24 hours after its release, the album soared to number 8 on the iTunes top 10 chart and number 2 on the iTunes top 10 Pop chart.

Dubbed “musical masterminds” by Vanity Fair, Cal and Rez undoubtedly have a bright future in the industry.

Rez got an early start in production after building a studio in his basement to record his highchool bands, using mainly Reason, ProTools, and Ableton. Rob has studied classical and jazz piano, rock and jazz guitar, and jazz drums and has been in many bands (genres spanning ska, metal, pop punk, jazz, funk, and alternative), playing both guitar and drums. Rob spent a few years in college DJing at different Boston bars while double majoring in Music and Philosophy at Tufts University. Rob has many influences, but in regards to his Timeflies production, he cites Pretty Lights, Dr. Luke, Xaphoon Jones, and JR Rotem. Rob is a serious Green Lantern fan, and knows a good sandwich.

Cal is a singer/rapper and songwriter, who has been singing and freestyling since he was young and remembers doing freestyles at the dinner table. He graduated Tufts University majoring in Music and Entrepreneurship. Upon joining the band The Ride in his sophomore year at Tufts, Cal fell in love with the performance side of music. This blues, funk, and hip- hop band was noted for their unique style, given their ability to transcend musical genres. Cal later teamed up with The Ride’s drummer, Rob, to form Timeflies. Cal’s musical influences include Robert Johnson, Janis Joplin, Muddy Waters, and his favorite, Big L. Cal’s biggest strength and weakness, is his love for scotch.

They have also utilized an inbound marketing campaign, Timeflies Tuesday’s, which cater to their 18-24 year old target demographic. These videos are released each week on YouTube, and allow Cal and Rez to connect and interact with their fans. In addition, the two have been playing at colleges and venues across the country, both positively impacting their fan base.