Time In Motion

Time In Motion


Time in Motion Instrumental Progressive Rock band that blends a melodic style of writing and musicianship with a hard rock edge.


Time in Motion has always written songs of epic proportion while finding ways to put on an entertaining live show. The music can be very unpredictable, from explosive solo sections to eclectic themes and atmospheric moments. The skill and prowess of each band member reflects the diverse nature of our compositions.
Influences include Rush, Dream Theater, King's X, Spock's Beard, Marillion, Pink Floyd, and Weather Report.


"A Wise Man Once Said..."- EP

Set List

Time in Motion can play sets ranging from 30-90 minutes. In addition, we also add comedic pop culture teasers as well as a visually entertaining stage show.
Set list is as follows:
Opening Teaser/Theme
"The Turnover"
"The Llama Dance"
"Who Does Your Taxes?"
"Take it Back to the States- Part I"
"States-Part II"
Outro Teaser/Theme