Nature brings together elements that create things for our senses to enjoy. Timeline tries to do the same thing. We are catering to generations and genre's of musical tastes that span across a Timeline that will appeal to a broad group of people.


Is TimeLine just your run of the mill cover/classic rock band? Well guess again!

TimeLine has set out to play some of your favorites, some tunes you may not have heard in a long time and some of those "one hit wonders" that take us back in time.

TimeLine has taken the spectrum of musical genres over the generations from the 1950's up to today to be able to cater to your musical wishes at your special event.

TimeLine performs oldies, classic rock, southern rock, country, blues and much more.

TimeLine plays the music you want to hear at your private party, wedding, corporate function or favorite night spot.

TimeLine is comprised of seven veteran musicians from the Lehigh Valley who have formally played with the following acts: Blind Jordan, Double Barrel, Down Right Blue, Dot Com and the Icons, Sharon Elaine and Junction 329, In A Pinch, Impact and the Main Street Cruisers(formally Mid Life Crisis). And some of the members have performed together in some of the mentioned acts or actually have known one another over the years which makes this blend of musicians work so well.

Although TimeLine performs music of all genres and from different eras of time, we have taken great care in selecting a vast variety of music that you may have heard a lot of, may not have heard in some time or just plain fun songs that you knew but may have forgotten about.

TimeLine strives to be different, yet unique and have fun doing it.

TimeLine wants to be your "caterer" of musical delicacies so that you keep coming back for more.


Although some of the members have an original song or two, TimeLine is performing covers at the present time. In the future, there will be originals added to the set lists.

Set List

A typical set list for TimeLine consists of approximately 12 songs. For every 4 or 5 fast songs a slower song is mixed in. A typical set would be approximately 50 minutes in length with a 15 minute break. This of course would depend on the venue and what is required or requested. Music during breaks is available.

At the present time, TimeLine is performing covers. TimeLine does not have a typical set list as the set lists can change from venue to venue so we can "cater" to whomever we are performing for.

Our rates are based on the degree of difficulty of equipment load in time, travel time and total time of our performance.

For weddings, anniversary, private or corporate parties, taped music is available between sets when requested. Special recorded or live requests will be provided. Requests should be submitted within a reasonable amount of time prior to the performance so the request can be recorded or so the band can obtain the proper music for the request.