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"Tim Ellis is a singer/songwriter who croons to the tune of R&B influenced
jazzy vocals that really showcases his falsetto. It’s intimate vocals first and
foremost that immediately jump out at you followed by the light accompanying
percussion and boisterous guitar licks. Lyrically he shows no fear talking about
how his girl is a porn star on “Porn Star” or the nation’s appetite for apathy on
“What’s the Point”. It’s different, which you can’t usually say about the majority
of singer/songwriters struggling to find their groove in New York City—then again
Tim moved from the Big Apple to London, an even hipper spot for new unfound
musicians." - J-Sin, **editor's pick**

"Visit HitClick and read the full review of 'What's the Point'!"

"Tim Ellis is a modern day troubadour.....the lyrics are very personal, revealing and with convincing desperation......the intimacy of the tune.......It's in your face and personal.... 6 verses strung together and action packed....a lot of people humming along to his woes......."

- Whissely, HitClick


Two singles released: Summertime on the Westside
and Pornstar



Tim Ellis

Born and raised in and around our nation's capital, Tim Ellis recieved his musical education at an early age from bleary-eyed high school neighbors who force-fed him healthy doses of Elvis, Beatles, Stones, Hendrix and Zeppelin. With these artists’ works stained in his musical vocabulary by the ripe age of five, Tim knew his calling as a singer/songwriter.

After college, new ghosts, living and dead, of another flavor, began haunting Tim. Miles, Ella, Billie, Prince, Stevie and Marvin spent endless nights spinning in his head telling tales in glowing voices. Like many others, he lists Dylan, by far, as his greatest influence. Tim’s lifelong search to crack the code these artists perfected is only now being documented, one show at a time, one recording at a time.

With over 150 songs in his catalogue, Tim has been sought, spotted and almost captured by the likes of Irving Aazoff, Lenny Waronker, and Mo Ostin. Narrowly escaping and settling in New York City (only to re-settle now in London), Tim’s been seen opening oysters in all of the usual haunts of Manhattan’s Lower East Side: CBGB, Arlene’s Grocery, The Continental, Mercury Lounge, The Bitter End, ect. Many of these shows, he performs with bass and drums accompanying, drawing comparisons, for better or worse, to Jeff Buckley. The comparison is only compounded by Tim’s soaring falsetto atop the dark pop songs beneath the tide.

But much interest and attention has been given to the solo acoustic shows where Tim’s voice and songwriting really stand out. Tm has begun traveling the country with his guitar and voice determined to realize the unique blend of all the elements, within the narrow confinements of one guitar/one voice/one mind.

The intimacy and warmth of these performances have garnered critical praise. With only a guitar and voice his shows don’t asked to be categorized but instead stand alone as powerful storytelling documents. Whether with one of his originals or many soul/jazz interpretations, Tim weaves a distinctive shape of these songs that want only to be told again and again.

Catch this urban troubadour at a dive near you.