Time Spent Driving
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Time Spent Driving

Santa Cruz, California, United States | INDIE

Santa Cruz, California, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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I'm Your Stab in the Back (2007) Full Length CD
Just Enough Bright (2002) Full Length CD
Walls Between Us (2001) CDEP
+ Misc Comps and Singles.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Santa Cruz California, a mere 75 miles south of San Francisco, is a pseudo-college beach town, famous for surfing, skateboarding, punk and hippies; it seems a pretty unlikely place for one of the most beloved and underrated indie-emo-rock bands of the era to emerge from. Time Spent Driving was that band - officially formed in 1999, but actually quietly in the making even before that. While being one of the only bands of the genre in their entire geographical location may have hindered their overall local success; they were more concerned with reaching what would become loyal fans all over the globe. And that's just what they did.

Long before "emo" was a dirty word associated with painted faces and skinny jeans, Time Spent Driving was playing their own brand of emotive post-punk, literally. Everyone in the band had cut their teeth in pivotal local punk bands over the years (Jon in Fury 66, Jon and Derek in Reliance, and Todd in Black Label), with the exception of Kem (drums) who had actually never played in a functioning band before. But as they grew as musicians and songwriters, they craved more out of music than the basic power chords and two-minute anthems of their previous projects. Jon (the band's singer, guitarist, and songwriter) was always enamored by more than just punk rock; he also loved early alternative like Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth and Smashing Pumpkins. But that's not the kind of band a 15 year old self-taught guitar player and aspiring singer, growing up in Santa Cruz County, was able to start very easily. Much later, after cutting his teeth in the thriving punk scene, the birth of TSD was first inspired by bands often grouped into the first wave of West Coast melodic post-punk such Samiam, Jawbreaker, Sunny Day Real Estate, Knapsack, No Knife and Sense Field. Bands that still had the raw edge of their punk roots, but were more dynamic, dark and lyrically introspective. Often with clean, layered guitars, odd time signatures and a heavy intensity. Take that with the influence of East Coast post-hardcore's dissonant complexity, (Dismemberment Plan, Jawbox, Texas is the Reason, Shudder to Think), then blend the rising crest of "mid-western" emo-esque bands (Braid, Jimmy Eat World, Shiner, The Get Up Kids, Chamberlain) making their way to the forefront. All of that considered, coupled with some very special and unique characteristics, and you have a band that sounds a whole lot like Time Spent Driving.

The name of the band was decided on because the lyrics to several of the band's first songs were literally written while driving. Jon wrote the words to "Patterson Pass" in entirety on one of his repetitious drives over Central California's Altamont pass, and put it to music once home. This was the case with a lot of other parts and ideas for additional songs as well, so the idea arose to title the first release "Time Spent Driving." It ended up that the band liked the name more so than any of the other monikers they came up with. So, it was settled, and the band took it on as their name.

Shortly thereafter they released a 3-song demo, and in the following months, the band took on an immediate combination of hard work, self-promotion and live shows. Criss-crossing all throughout California, the band quickly caught the attention of a brand new label, Unfun Records (Saratoga, CA), as well as a booking agent. They signed on to release a 6 song CDEP with the label, and found themselves hopping on two West Coast tours with the likes of Brandtson, Legends of Rodeo, Jebediah and Favez. The debut CD EP, "Walls Between Us", was released in November of 2000 and was immediately followed by a European German tour with Favez and dates with The Stereo. The success of the tour was undeniable, and the quick growth of the band was highly evident.

The band needed more support and push to help them continue to keep touring and get to the next level. Several record labels approached them, but they ultimately signed with Sessions Records to both re-release the EP and to put out a new full length. Sessions repressed the EP with slightly different artwork and Chestnut Café Records (Germany) met up with the band while in Europe and offered to release the EP on 10" vinyl as well. The vinyl import version was released in Jan. of 2002 with a new layout and a different track order.

Time Spent Driving went on to continue constant touring all across the Western U.S, including a West Coast stint with Pop Unknown and Sunday's Best. Shortly thereafter, the band embarked on a full 35 day U.S. tour in October/November of 01' with Favez and Scott Ritcher (of the Metroschifter). The three touring acts also shared a 3-way split 7-Inch for the tour, released by Doghouse Records. The tour was nothing short of a success, meeting up with Mock Orange, Fairweather, Liar's Academy, Counterfit and the Honor System along the way.

The band recorded a few extra tracks here and there. The dark, yet beautiful "Lowlight" was put t