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Times Two


Christian, modern, uncommon, sensitive, relevant, edgy, tender music; the band? Christian people, flawed and forgiven, in love with Jesus, commited to Him and to each other, worshippers

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You Promise

Written By: Lori Green, Cheri Sanderson

When my companion is fear and my shadow is doubt
And I grow weary of my tears, there's only silence in the clouds
Feels like I'm begging for my life, are my cries falling on deaf ears
I wonder is it worth this fight that lingers year after year after year?

Slumber is hiding from my eyes as I am praying for peace
Only the loneliness of night and sorrow comfort me
And I'm left begging for my life as I am driven to my knees
And I'm so tired of this fight that is consuming me

So I'll take this chance and I'll ask for grace cause I know you promise
I'll take this chance one more chance cause I know you promise, you promise me

I have been afraid to hope or even to believe
For something that I know and yet I haven't seen
That a better life is mine and I will find it on my knees
Cause I am gonna win this fight and nothin's movin' me

A promise of love, a promise of grace, a promise of peace
A promise of life, a promise you make, a promise you keep

All Around Me

Written By: Lori Green, Cheri Sanderson

V1: If I rise on the wings of the dawn
Or if I settle on the far side of the sea
Even there Your hand will lead and guide
You're all around me

And I'm surrounded everywhere I go
Your presence covers me
Your constant love makes me know
You're all around me

Where can I go that I won't find You there
If I tried to hide, You know just where I'd be
You sustain me with Your faithfulness
You're all around me

You're all around, all around, all around
You're all around, all around, all around
You're all around, all around, all around me


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Simple Devotion, Vol. 2, c2004
One Good Reason, c2007

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