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TimetoBurn- NvasioN (2006, ATL Records)
TimetoBurn- Her Name Is Music... (2007, Boundless Entertainment)
TimetoBurn- dont b a h8r (2009 upcoming release, Boundless Entertainment)



We are TimetoBurn, the Psychadelic Hip Hop experience. Our mission is to get you to tune in and drop out to our unique sound and inovative lyrics.
TimetoBurn consists of two members currently, Joe Harley, and Kyalo Crosson a.k.a Venacular. These two combine to create the Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead - Roots lyricism sound that will but you into a groove and send the conscious to a place of cool clarity. TimetoBurn comes with over 20 years of music experiance ranging from straight street corner battle sessions to classical synphony concertos. To the great southern rock circuits of the Southeast.
Joe Harley, the writer and founder of TimetoBurn, was born in Aberdeen, MD. He started playing music at the age of 4 and went on to be a child prodigy with the cello. Playing with the Maryland junior all state orchestra, F.A.M.E Orchestra, Susquehana Symphony Orchestra, Harford County All County Orchestra, performed with the International String Orchestra - in which Joe was invited personally by conductor Ivan Strauss to perform with the Chekoslavakian State Symphony. During this time, Joe started his first band, "The Poker Dogs" in 1992. In 1994 Joe started Feral Child and performed his first public gig at a talent show which got them 4th place. By 1995 Feral Child organized its first concert and sold out the Bel Air Youth Center. That same year Joe started at West Virgina University on full sholarship in music education/cello.
In 1997 Joe started at the Atlanta Institute of Music learning guitar from Jimmy Herring. In 1998 Joe graduated from AIM and became a sound engineer for a group in Gainesville, FL called Nino Brown. A year later he was thier lead guitarist, performing all over the southeast. In their 2 years together, Joe and NinoBronwn shared the stage with such great acts as Galactic, the Grey Boy AllStars, Fathead, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, and the late, great, James Brown. Their last show in May of 2000 was with the Roots and attended by 72,000 people.
In 2000 Joe moved to Atlanta, and here is where TimetoBurn came to be. In that year Joe started No Such Luck, and Boundless Entertainement. TimetoBurn was to be a solo studio project. Joe dropped No Such Luck, and started Mistery in December, 2000. In 2001 Joe was named "International Poet of Merit" and also one of the "Poets of the Millenium" by the Poet Laureate of the United States for the song, "Wake Up".
After a rebirth of No Such Luck in 2002 with no such luck, TimetoBurn moved from a solo studio project to a band in early 2003. TimetoBurn saw instant success with a two night run at the Ugly Mug Pub.
TimetoBurn went through some transistions where Joe was the only member of TimetoBurn, but he persevered, and in 2005 he met up with ATL Records and Venacular. Lets just say by early 2007 Joe and Kyalo are in the studio putting it down for TimetoBurn, building the movement, living the dream.
In all, Joe has recorded 8 albums, played all over the world, with some of the greatest musicians of all-time, including James Brown, Parliment Funkadelic, The Roots, Keller Williams, Fathead, Wynton Marsalis, and David Byrne, amongst many others.
The left hand man of Joe Harley, Kyalo Crosson, comes from more humble beginnings. Born in Steelton, PA exactly one month, one day, and one year after Joe, Kyalo started playing the clarinet and played with the Steelton Highspire Jr. Orchestra at the age of 10. Kyalo had a overwhelming love for writing and wrote many papers and manuscripts as a youth.
Kyalo, a young academic was a two-time Whos Who Amoung American High School Students nominee, Congressional Young Leaders Council Selection, and Presidential Academic Fitness Award Winner. In 1997 Kyalo enrolled at Tuskegee University with an academic scholarship studying Chemical Engineering. At Tuskeege - wrote his 2nd manuscript, "Mi Vida", a depiction of his early life.
After Tuskeege Kyalo transfered to Harrisburg Area Community College, where he changed his field of study to Mass Communications, while still persuing a career in writing. In 2000 he met up with Terence Webb of "Black in Style" and started getting into writing songs under Terences mentorship. In 2002 Kyalo started the book, "Love and I Had a Talk One Day". In 2003 Kyalo moved to Atlanta, and continued to write. In early 2004 he met an artist by the name "Outragiuz", who took interest in his writing ability, and then went on to write and do background vocals for Outragiuz for his album - "Hell and Back". In 2005 Kyalo met up with Joe and started working with TimetoBurn in 2006.
As far as these two are concerned, this is the beginning of an opportunity to become - whatever the music wants them to be.