Time to Kill

Time to Kill

 Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, USA

Time to Kill has an unique sound of metal , punk, alternatvie and thrash that combines old style music with todays style. Excellent live performance with high energy.


The original band got together in 2006, signed to Turkey Vulture Records in 2007 and then released the "Insanity" CD in 2008. The band toured the Midwest for 2007 and 2008. 2009 has added Liz and Sandi and new music , new CD and new tour for 2009 in effect starting this spring.New line up and music coming for 2011.
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Written By: time to kill



Demo released in June 2007. The debut CD "Insanity" available through Turkey Vulture
Records now.
For radio play see www.turkeyvulturerecords.com
For debut video for "Insanity" and "Rise and Fight" go to www.timetokill.us

Set List

Current set list is being changed with new music as we write it.

ORIGINALS: Drop of Blood, Insanity, Black Widow, Blood Runs Cold, No Forgiveness, Face of a Demon, Danger, Emotionless, Dead to Me, Rise and Fight and Start a War. (45 minutes )

new tunes: 99 Bottles, Zombie Crawl, He's Dead and Hollow Eyes...currently working on more.