Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
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TimeWhy?s turns on the 60s!


TimeWhy?s perform the great classic rock of the 1960s and early 1970s, recreating those captivating times when songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Who filled the airwaves. Their SoundCloud recording of the Lovin' Spoonful's "Summer in the City" has been played over 50,000 times! This Lehigh Valley band reproduces many of the intricate details of the original performances in the songs they play, because they believe you should hear these songs as you remember them. Listeners have been impressed by the quality of their vocals and harmonies, so much so that the Lehigh Valley's leading newspaper, the Morning Call, gave TimeWhy?s the Readers' Choice 2017 award for Best Local Band.

In keeping with the creative spirit of the Sixties, TimeWhy?s also compose and perform original music. In July 2017, they released a four-song CD, Autumn of Love. The songs are also available for digital download and streaming from various sources including iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, and Spotify.

TimeWhy?s are professional, accomplished musicians with positive, friendly attitudes, who are willing to make every possible effort at making their performances successful, including the use of social media to keep their fan base informed. They believe there is a huge demand for Sixties music that’s performed faithfully and energetically.

Dan Hugos, Mauch Chunk Opera House co-manager and former Jim Thorpe Fall Foliage Festival organizer, said in 2015, "TimeWhy?s performed for us for the first time at this year’s Fall Foliage Festival. They had a large crowd for their entire set as people were definitely enjoying themselves and listening to the music. TimeWhy?s had no problem with even tricky numbers, and they did tunes we all knew. As festival organizers, that’s what you have to have – people having a great time, and the music transporting them there. We’ll have them back next year for sure – highly recommended!" Dan was as good as his word, and TimeWhy?s have been performing at the festival every year since.


Paint Me Happy

Written By: Dave Follweiler

She's an eclectic cross of different atmospheres
He's the eccentric boss who brings her close to tears
Ache for something we'll never know
Distant rumblings from very long ago
An eclectic cross of different atmospheres

Cityscapes and dragonflies
Arch across the marble skies
Paint me happy

She sees a different cellist play the same sad tune
He sees two aliens dwelling in the super moon
Ache for something we'll never hear
Chords are strumming only to disappear
See a different cellist play the same sad tune

Ache for something we'll never say
Stars are shooting only to fade in gray
Paint me happy even if it's for one day

Paint me happy
Distant rumblings from very long ago
Paint me happy
Ache for something we only hope to know
Paint me happy
Chords are strumming only to disappear
Paint me happy in a different atmosphere

All I Know

Written By: Tom Drago,Dave Follweiler

I don’t know why life's turned out the way it has
I don’t know why time's hand turns so fast
All I know is that I'll love you till the end
We will reach the space above us now and then

I don’t know how worlds we know today will pass
I don’t know how we've arrived at last
All I know is my love grows for you each day
You're the sunny breeze that blows the fog away

I’ll take you far away from those that bring us down
And show you everything in love that could be found
Ah, we're found
No doubts can steal the faith I feel in you

Well all I know is that I’ll love you till the end
We will reach the space above us now and then

I’ll take you far away from those that bring us down
And show you everything in love that could be found
Ah, sweet sound
No clouds can chill the sunshine filled with you

Lying Through Your Lipstick

Written By: Tom Drago

You’re lying through your lipstick
You psychobabble waving your feel sorry flag in my face
Demanding my attention
I never even thought about the ones that I would disgrace
But you took care of that, skillful as a cat

You’re lying through your lipstick
Hypnotic colors, trance-inducing, collar whispering breath
Manipulating madness
Inhaling every part of me until I’m someone possessed

Look what you have done
To prove you're number one
You forged your name across my soul
Like Cleopatra powerful
The overbearing bearing wall has crumbled down
Slight the warning of the clown

A calculated fall
Pretender, know-it-all

I didn't detect the poison in the drink
It's so delectable and makes me think
That my whole life's been one long lip sync
As you go on lying, keep applying

You're lying
You’re lying through your lipstick

I Said Hello

Written By: Dave Follweiler

I said hello, I guess it got lost in the noise
I said hello, conveying not just with my voice
You're where you ought to be
I'm where I'm not to be
I still don't know if that's by choice

I said hello, it's better than "How do you do"
I said hello, while understanding I've no clue
You're where you've got to be
I get one shot to be
The one you picture next to you

Please let me pick your lock
Please let me stop your clock
Your world's the one I'd rock
I just need time

I sang hello, it went by unobserved, that's deserved
I sang hello, but it felt out of tune, sung too soon
You're where you've fought to be
I feel I'm lost at sea
Or bouncing signals off the moon

Your world's the one I'd rock
All in good time

Please say hello
Then I'll know


Autumn of Love
Saturnine Records
Released July 2017

A four-song Sixties-inspired swirlathon. Sweet sounds reminiscent of the
Summer of Love with its hopeful waves reverberating to this day. A
vivid voyage of sophisticated songcraft, thoughtful lyrics, and
state-of-the-smart production. All you need is an Autumn of Love that will transport you to the space above us any time of the year.

“The oddly-punctuated TimeWhy?s is a
Pennsylvania band who unabashedly make 60s-inspired music, leaning to
the Beatlesque. Their 4-track debut EP is a treat. ‘Paint Me Happy’ is
Herman’s Hermits-meets-The Association, ‘Lying Through Your Lipstick’
sounds like a mid-Beatles Lennon track, ‘I Said Hello’ seems inspired by
‘Penny Lane’ and ‘All I Know’ draws from George Harrison via The Beach
Boys. Definitely a year-end contender for the best EPs of 2017 list.”  —Absolute PowerPop

“Fans of Beatlesque pop will rejoice
in the short, but effective slices of nostalgia. The swirling ‘Paint Me
Happy’ is a bouncy psyche-pop gem akin to Two Sheds Jackson and the
slower Lennonesque ‘Lying Through Your Lipstick’ is very much like The
Pillbugs. Each song is a sonic sugar rush for fans for ELO, Pilot,
Klaatu and similar late-era Beatle influenced bands. Shame it’s only
four tracks, but I’ll take quality over quantity any day. Highly
Recommended.”  —PowerPopaholic

“‘All I Know‘ … lovely! ‘Lying Through Your Lipstick‘
vocal sounds like Jamie Hoover [Spongetones] with 10cc background
vocals. Cool. Diggin’ it. Another song reminded me of Dee’s [Klaatu
guitarist Dee Long’s] vocals … ‘Paint Me Happy‘.”
Terry Draper of Klaatu (whose first album sold over a half million copies in the USA)