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Hip Hop straight from a heart born & raised in the Dirty South. Debut album delivers a balanced Rap, Hip Hop mix that is hook heavy with two #1 Club Breakouts. A performer full of emotion and energy.


Timez 2, an Alabama native, delivers his heart felt lyrics with a Dirty South Rap, Hop Hop mix that has heavy bass beats and grabbing hooks. Not a one-dimensional performer, Timez 2 brings it hard with true desire, pain, his will to succeed and he breaks it down to express his respect, passion and love. His debut CD, “Do It The Dirty South Way” features two #1 Club Breakouts and is gunning for the #1 spot!

2006 has kicked off to be a great year with the release of his debut CD and performances during Spring Break, Panama City Beach, Florida. Live performances include Hammerhead Fred’s and Boardwalk Beach Resort. The crowd reacted with excitement, singing the hooks and dancers competing to become an official “Timez 2 Rump Shaker.”

During 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. This tragedy impacted the lives of our families in the Dirty South. When asked to perform in the Celebrity Hip Hop Katrina Benefit in Tampa, Florida at Club PRANA, Timez 2 didn’t hesitate. “He Ripped It!” Performing one of his first singles, “Work That Rump.” Timez 2 and the “Original Rump Shaker” turned that motha’ out!

Timez 2 auditioned for Diddy’s “Making The Band,” and has performed in A&R Seminars in Atlanta, Georgia. He gained the interest of a Representative from Def Jam South with a free style performance. Timez 2 earned the opportunity to work with the Def Jam Rep until the separation between that individual and the label.

Timez 2 is a true performer. He’s always yearned for the spotlight and has participated in every talent competition since grade school. He began writing lyrics and Rapping at the age of 15. He loves to write and says, “Rap is an art of expression.” His lyrics are real and delve into the life of Timez 2. He performs with energy and emotion while he works the crowd. It’s not unusual for him to get on the dance floor. He gets the crowd into his music and he gets into the crowd. He can come hard and he can make you move. This diversity gives his fans a balanced Rap, Hop Hop mix that will prove longevity.

Ask Timez II if he’s ready and he’ll free style his answer. He’s always ready!


"Dirty South (Say What?)"

Written By: Josh Avery aka Timez 2

“Dirty South (Say What)”
Written by: J. Avery
Lyrics: May be performed explicit and edited as per choice of venue.

Verse: Dirty South coming through; Never know what we might do
Crazy fools and you know it’s true; Better watch what the fuck you do
Country boys ‘til the day we die; Cowboy hat with a suit and tie
Love to get drunk; Love to get high; Bound to see me with the red in my eye
Late at night, when I step in the club; Eyes lit up like a light bulb
Bitch over here showing me love; Later on, giving me a back rub
Freaky girl…Ain’t catch her name; Redneck shorty…Loves to bang
Out the drawers…Giving up poon-tang; Beat that thing ‘til she goes insane
Alabama…That’s my home; If you don’t love it, get gone
‘Cause this right here ain’t just a song; This is my heart on the microphone
Spitting that real for the world to feel and I don’t care where you live
Just represent your corner, your hill, and bump this here if you know the deal
There’s ‘bout a trillion haters out here who just can’t seem to see clear
Running y’all’s mouth like a bunch of queers; There’s something that y’all need to hear
All in my ear with this and that shit; Y’all punks have got your facts mixed
Calling us rednecks and hicks; I got a redneck dick for y’all to lick

Hook: If you’re from Alabama, then say…What, What
If you’re from Georgia, then say…What, What
If you’re from Florida, then say…What, What
Dirty South (What) Dirty South (What)
If you’re from Mississippi, then say…What, What
If you’re from Texas, then say…What, What
If you’re from Louisiana, then say…What, What
Dirty South (What) Dirty South (What)

Verse: I know you know like I know; It’s about damn time
That these country ass dudes drilled this shit in your mind
We’ve been sipping Mad Dog and eating on pork rinds
And now we’re heated so back on up; Don’t get out of line
It’s all mine, and the Dirty South’s staying with me
Anybody who’s talking down ‘bout us gets treated shitty
‘Cause I love Bama like New York loves 50
But I can’t rock them shiny suits like Diddy; I’m too Billy
(Boy, you’re so silly) Ha, Ha; It’s the dirty, baby
I’ll tell ya; This Southern living must’ve made me crazy
But I couldn’t think of a better place for my parents to raise me
‘Cause I love the people here and we’ve got the wildest ladies
It’s all gravy; Just pass me the blunt and the lighter
‘Cause just like everyone else, we love to spark fire
We don’t all be cowtipping, despite what you’ve been told
And you can still get crunk if you’re decked out in overalls

Verse: Some of these folks are scared of the South
What they don’t know they worry about
They don’t get how we’re turning it out
The Dirty’s taking over, bitch, and we’re burning it down
You’re learning it now; How we’re ripping these beats
Grab you by your earlobes and jerk you out of your seats
You can’t help but bob your head and get to moving your feet
‘Cause this headbusting shit is the style that we keep
Now watch how we creep; Storming throughout your stereo
For you weak ass bustas, I know it must be scary, Ho
But all of these love songs have been getting very old
It’s time to snatch up you virgins and start popping cherries, yo
I’m ‘bout denerio and having a little fun
And I ain’t got time for all of you fake ones
Word of advice to you cowards…Run; You’d better run
‘Cause the Dirty South’s here and I ain’t the only one (Bitch!)

"How U Luv That?"

Written By: Josh Avery aka Timez 2

“How U Luv That?”
Written by: J. Avery
Lyrics: Maybe performed explicit and edited as per choice of venue

Hook: Kicking back, sipping ‘Yac (How U Luv That?)
Smoking on a 20 sack (How U Luv That?)
Scoping out the titty racks (How U Luv That?)
How U Luv That, playa, How U Luv That?

Verse: Get right, mother fucker, it’s Friday night and you ain’t got nothing to do
So bring your ass on down to the club and chill with me and my crew
You can sit your tail on down at the bar and have a drink or two
It’s a holiday; Couirvossier; Never stop sipping on brew
Never stop pimping; Gon’ screw so many softlegs in here tonight
Shaking that ass; Shorty working that rump; Got Timez 2 scoping the sights
And you know player haters be hanging around; Always be starting a fight
But my dick’s on hard; Yo slick, yo dog, Just stay the fuck up out of my sights
Girls on my dick like Nestle; Timez 2 put his lips on their chest see
And if y’all haters wanna test me, Passenger 57 like Wesley
‘Cause when we get to feeling tipsy, we move around ‘til we get epilepsy
Just sip a little Crown and the Pepsi and your legs gon’ move like Presley
So are you ready to get down? If you are, then break it down
Tear it up ‘til they shut it down; That’s how we do when we put it down
Cut up like Freddy; Act a fool; In the South, we do the do
If you step in the spot, better know the rule; Stay hyped ‘til your eyeballs start to drool

Verse: Fat sacks of week and fat sacks of money
Fatback and greens and fat racks on honeys
We get down when it’s going down like it ain’t even funny
And get so tore up the ugly chicks look like Playboy bunnies
Ain’t gotta be any blood shed; We can just have a ball
Alcoholics and budheads chilling without a brawl
And we show no discrimination; Come one, come all
There ain’t nothing but love in here, so how u loving it, dog
It stays raw in the spot; Ladies bouncing twat
Shake it up, Shake it up; Let me see what you got
Got me soaked in perspiration; Damn, girl, you’re so hot
I really love what you’re doing for sho’; I like it a lot
Don’t stop; It’s a party; Lodi Dodi da Dodi Dodi
And you ain’t gotta hold back for nobody; It’s your body
It’s your right to get naughty if you wanna get naughty
So do your thing, shorty, Whoo Lawdy la Lawdy Lawdy

Verse: I’m ‘bout to break it down for ya what a good time is to me
And this is straight from my heart; I keep it here close to me
I’ve got a couple memories up in my holstery
Let me tell ya all about what kicking it’s supposed to be
Kicking it in the woods by the campfire with the twins
Their cousin rolled up a fatty out of a twenty-twen
And I’ll tell ya right now that’s the highest I’ve ever been
Like Billy Bob on Varsity Blues, it’s a fucking ten
Getting down with my friends at Bean’s on the weekend
That’s where I learned my boy D-Bo was one of my biggest fans
Spitting flows in the living room with my beer in my hand
And he’s hooting and hollering, “Dude, you’re the fucking man!”
But to truly understand the things that we do
You’d have to be here with us chilling with me and my crew
Khrome Heata, RtReLL, AkryliQ, and Rondevu’
We wyle out in the party ‘til our face turns blue!

"U Don't Want It"

Written By: Josh Avery aka Timez 2

“U Don’t Want It”
Written by: J. Avery
Lyrics maybe performed explicit and edited as per choice of venue.

Verse: Wherever the party’s at, the bustas always come
Sipping on their liquor, steady flapping their gums
Talking ‘bout their dough when they ain’t got a crumb
These the type of dudes that get smacked up straight dumb
Step up in the club trying to show out
Step to the wrong one, you’re getting thrown out
Blood from your nose is getting straight poured out
Bumps and bruises are all you got to show now
Drama goes down when homos act hard
Homos get tough; Homos get scarred
All of you fake boys chatter about war
And you ain’t never seen a battlefield before
Naw! Why do you insist on spoiling my good mood
I come in here to relax and sip brew
Maybe holler at a hoochie or two
But I ain’t come up in here to be fucking with you!

Hook: Got something you wanna say, boy
You wanna play, boy
We can take it outside and do it the dirty way, boy
It don’t really matter to me
Just make a move or stop fucking with me

Verse: Listen close so your simple minds understand
I can see it in your eyes; A boy fucking with men
You’re playing with fire; You ain’t thinking ahead, man
Your crew ain’t always gon’ be there to hold your hand
But bring ‘em; I got mine and they’re down for whatever
And when the fists start flying, some heads gon’ get severed
In due time, it’ll be a change in the weather
‘Cause punks like you run and hide, looking for shelter
Your tongue is a weapon; It can be a means to an end
If you use it harshly, it is not your friend
Talking ‘bout what you’ve seen and where you’ve been
And what you’re gon’ do when the shit hits the fan
You shouldn’t come to the club and get shit-faced drunk
If all you’re gon’ do is start talking that junk
‘Cause there’s an army in the club of people crunk
And what happens to chumps? They get their ass stomped!

Bridge: U don’t really know me
I don’t think you really wanna know me
Don’t be talking that mess in front of your homies
Here it is, so jump on it
I said you don’t really know me
I don’t think you really wanna know me
Don’t be talking that mess in front of your homies
Here it is…U Don’t Want It!

Verse: To tell you the truth, dog, I really don’t like violence
But bitches don’t know the meaning of the word silence
A little alcohol have ‘em thinking they’re bout it
Then the next thing they know, they’re in the midst of a riot
As soon as I step up, this bitch is gon’ hesitate
‘Cause it’s no contest like Tyson fighting a featherweight
Messing with me, I’m gon’ make your ass levitate
When I punch your lights out; Lay your face on the concrete
A minute or two ago, you were howling
Wanting to get wild and now you’re just whining
You started this shit; Now you’re 9-1-1 dialing
You need to be careful who you challenge
‘Cause you’re ‘bout to lose all your balance
Get cracked in your melon acting like a hellion
You started this shit; Now you’re 9-1-1 dialing
You need to be careful who you challenge
(Hook 2x)

"Work That Rump"

Written By: Josh Avery aka Timez 2

“Work That Rump”
Lyrics By: TimezII, Joshua C. Avery
Lyrics may be performed explicit or edited as per choice of venue.

Verse: Shake that ass, shorty, work that rump
I see you’ve got a lot of junk off in your trunk
While I’m chilling at the bar trying to get drunk
Sipping on a Corona and the party is crunk
Out the corner of my eye, I see you, lady
Shaking it like salt; You’re driving me crazy
You’re revving that thing up; I’m thinking maybe
Can I wet that pussy up like the Navy
And it’ll be gravy; We can get down
Serinate the cooch up out of the nightgown
Just sip on this here Coke and Crown
I’ll beat that thing up; Then we’ll smoke a pound
See you going to town on the dance floor
The way you drop it and make your ass roll
Got my dick starting to rise just like dough
So shake that ass, shorty, work that rump, ho

Hook: Shake that ass, shorty, work that rump
Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh
Baby, shake that ass, shorty, work that rump
Yeah, you know what you’re doing

Verse: Mamacita, Senorita
How do you do and pleased to meet ya
Won’t you give me them digits so I can give you a call
Later on I can get in them drawers
Alaze’ and the firest weed
We sexually enhanced from the Ecstasy
That’s more energy to give you what you need
So come on baby girl and get next to me
Sweaty sex with me tonight, girl
Timez 2’s about to take you into a new world
Down to do this thing; Gon’ make your spot curl
Then I’m gone cause baby you know I’m a squirrel
Call Earl if you feel the urge to cuddle
Can’t get attached; I ain’t ready to settle
I’m just making hits as if I was Jessie Tuggle
And making the bed rock like Barney Rubble
(Hook 2x)

Verse: Looking at you, it’s amazing to me
How I wish that booty was engaged with me
So just grab your little book and turn the page to me
And I’ll show you how exciting random sex can be
North girls, South girls, East, and West
Shake that booty, girls, show off your chest
You look good; Don’t have no shame; Put it to rest
And place a playa’s eyeballs under arrest
Oh yes! I love your rump, your attitude, your rack
The way you twist and turn and pull it back

You’ve got the artillery to blow up Iraq
Coconuts bouncing like basketballs belonging to Shaq
A knack for keeping all eyes wide open stuck like glue
All the other girls; They want to be like you
And every single dude; They want to get with you
It’s like 2Pac said; It’s all about you
(Hook 2x)


Written By: Josh Avery aka Timez 2

Lyrics By: TimezII, Joshua C. Avery
Lyrics maybe performed explicit or edited as per choice of venue.

Verse: There’s so many words to describe my mama
Loving, compassionate, and my father
Cause with the real thing I did nothing but face drama
Surviving the road with him required armor
Like Osama, his head was filled with lies
And that explains why the tears my eyes cried
So close to going over the edge many times
But my mom was right there to help cease the crying
With my soul dying, she was like a vaccine
Healing the hurt and pain ‘twas so keen
And now in a mother’s love I’m soaking
Once overwhelmed by the water and choking
You think I’m joking, but I once was blind
To the real and face, but now, playa, I’m fine
Couldn’t see the light in this life of mine
Thank God I had an angel from Heaven on my side

Hook: This one’s dedicated to Mama, who was always there
My mama who cut and combed my brown hair
To Mama cause back when I was caught in the struggle
We were in it together and ain’t no doubt I love her

Verse: She rashed my behind, but it was good for me
If not for my mama, who knows where I’d be
Perhaps I’d be buried in the cemetery
Or watching my ass in the penitentiary
Back in elementary was my very own depression
Joshua Avery was pain’s obsession
Ass-whoopings galore kept a young man guessing
And looking over my shoulder waiting for the next one
But let it be a lesson; I wasn’t standing alone
Mama was hurting too in this dysfunctional home
Cause it was my stepfather doing us both wrong
But run up on me now, he’ll be singing a sad song
If only I’d a known the things I know now
Knuckles would’ve flown upon that busta’s brow
To hurt me is bad, but hurt Mama, you foul
Just say something out the ordinary now
(Hook 2x)

Verse: Long roads we’ve gone down and faced the hard times
Living in Lineville, I was about to lose my mind
17 years old and didn’t want me to drive
And to speak my piece was the most serious crime
They wouldn’t give me a dime and I couldn’t get a job
I’m amazed to see that I didn’t decide to rob
And to the community I was your everyday Bob
With his biggest troubles being a teen heart throb
But a big blob rested inside of me
Wishing my daddy had a sense of pride in me
But I suppose that he was just too blind to see
That a successful man is what I was bound to be
Or possibly we just had our eyes closed
And couldn’t tell the difference between a friend and a foe
Cause it was me who shut my mama out and closed the door
And Daddy’s bitch just didn’t want him paying child support
(Hook 2x)

"Rip The Roof Off"

Written By: J. Avery, R. Swink and A. Porch

"Rip The Roof Off”
Written by: J. Avery, R. Swink, and A. Porch
Lyrics maybe performed explicit or edited as per choice of venue.

Hook: Rip the roof off; Tear the walls down
No time to goof off; Just lay the law down
If you're too soft, you're gonna fall down
So rip the roof off; Tear the walls down

Verse: Yo, I don’t need that La, La, La, La
All I need is for the crowd to go Ha!
And it’s on…Rush the stage with the microphone
Man, tell them niggas backstage to bring their ass on
Man, this thing is packed to the masses
I might be a little ashy, but I’m damn sure fixing to show my ass cheeks
When I go off (Which way is that?)
It ain’t soft to pull my shirt off (Man, you just bought that shit)
Fuck it! It’s tossed and you can’t tell me that love’s been lost
But I think that they should’ve built a stronger fence
‘Cause you don’t put today, showtime, RtReLL all in the same sentence
Rooftop gone…RtReLL’s been known
For bringing everybody from the little kids to the grown
Ha! Up to the elderly
Rolling their ass back up to the nursing home

Verse: Rip the roof off, sucka! Man, that’s for sho’!
Dawg, the first ten seconds are very critical
You might be a little nervous when you get on stage
But, uh, soon as you grab the mic, set it to blaze
Man, that’s for sho’…Wanna leave the crowd enraged
And hanging on to every single word you say
So, uh, go with your instinct and don’t try to fight it
See, the gas is there…All you need to do is light it
Now rip the roof off…Man, it determines a lot
You can either blow up or it can make you flop
So, uh, get on stage and give it all you got
Just like Em said, man, you only get one shot
Now rip the roof off…you wanna keep the crowd on lock
And blow up the microphone just like it’s Fort Knox
Rip the roof off…Because you can’t be stopped
So get on stage and show ‘em what’s real hip-hop

Breakdown: Rip the roof clean off the club now
Move the crowd; Make 'em show you love
We're feeling crunk and we're tearing it up tonight
D.J. spin the beat; We're 'gon get it hyped

Verse: To jump up on the stage, it takes courage; It takes intensity
You've got to have the heart of a lion if this is meant to be
Success is what you've been working for, so bring the energy
Cause all a coward gets out of life is total misery
Most of us trying to break in the industry know the facts
Before you can start to climb up the ladder, you're on your back
What matters is what you do to fight back when the deck is stacked
If your train gets derailed, get it back on the track
Nervousness is not a possibility; It's a must
Some people call it adrenaline; Some people get crushed
But if you want it enough, you'll spit 'til your lungs bust
And thrust your voice into the crowd like a wind gust
Then hushed is all the haters, the cowards who curse the ground
That you walk cause they see that you're bringing a tight sound
You can't let them suckers win; Turn their smirks into frowns
And rip the roof off; Tear the walls down


Debut Album: "Do It The Dirty South Way"
#1 Club Breakout Singles: "Work That Rump" and "How U Luv That?"

Set List

Set List: "Dirty South", How U Luv That?", "You Don't Want It" and "Work That Rump"
Dance Contest: "Timez 2 Rump Shaker" Contest
Typical Set runs approximately 45 minutes.
All lyrics can be performed as the edited radio version or explicit as per the request of the venue.