Tim Galliher

Tim Galliher

 Statesville, North Carolina, USA

"Breathtaking voice, brilliant songwriter, heartfelt lyrics
sung with passion, emotion and retribution.”
-Andrew Wallach, Music photographer
and co-host of the Blacksheep Ranch, Clinton, CT


The gripping emotional sound of Tim Galliher, a Statesville, North Carolina native, takes the listener along his own personal journey in life. As a singer/songwriter, he draws the influences for his lyrics from the triumphs and tragedies of his life.
Artists, such as Ryan Adams, Joe Purdy, Damien Rice, Kris Kristofferson, and Justin Townes Earl provide inspiration for his passionate melodies.

Tim started his career in music as a professional jazz and blues drummer working with a long list of credible artists. After taking a break in 2007 to marry, the course of his life and music soon changed in the summer of 2009 with the death of his wife.
His instrument of choice for his Americana indie style music is now a six-string acoustic guitar. Tim’s songs capture the life he has known and the lessons he has learned.
With a tireless and intense work ethic, Tim has set his sights on creating an extensive catalog with each body of work being artistically valid, speaking to people in the most honest and truest sense for years to come.
He is currently working on a self released EP due out by fall 2012.


The Let Down

Written By: Tim Galliher

Hold on , I'll write you a Song
No Radio , no other soul will know
I'll take you where I go
In my own heart.
Now I lost sight
I let you down
For all my faults
At least I tried.

Now please disregard
The place that I go
I've caved what you've crushed
It's my own right
Now I've lost mine
I let you down
For all your faults
At least you tried.