The Tim Gill All-Stars

The Tim Gill All-Stars


Tim Gill and his All-Stars are NOT your grandfather's big band. Their irresistable cocktail of swinging, vintage groove mixed with hip, youthful energy puts a 21st century spin on the iconic crooner image.


Old. Fogyish. Crusty. Stale. Boring. Inaccessible. These are the adjectives that Tim Gill and his All-Stars seek to banish from the name of big band Jazz.Their irresistible cocktail of swinging, vintage groove mixed with hip, youthful energy puts a 21st century spin on the iconic crooner image.

Downbeat-award winning Singer, Trumpeter, and Arranger plunges into the fray with his high-octane ensemble of world-class entertainers. He crafts a new take on American Songbook classics and serves up unique, ear-catching original tunes; whether they are packing a dance floor or heating up a happening night spot, Tim Gill and his All-Stars always deliver a one-of-a-kind show you ll never forget.

Convinced that a male vocalist fronting a big band didn't have to resort to hackneyed Sinatra covers, arranger/vocalist/trumpeter Tim Gill sought to give new life to the genre using spanking-new, creative arrangements and a unique blend of musicians who possessed extraordinary onstage charisma. As Tim puts it: “I didn't want to do the same old thing. I wanted to take the classic American Paradigm of the nightclub 'crooner' and big band, and look at it from a modern-day perspective; both in the energy of the show and the material we cover.” The result is a slam-bang mashup of old-school groove and grit with new-school flair, a band that covers everything from Cole Porter, to Ray Charles, to The Beatles.

But it ain't just about the man behind the mic- they're called the “All-Stars” for a reason. “My goal with the All-Stars was to assemble a group of friends whose personality and rapport would make the music something special,” says Tim. Given their long history together, each of the 10 All-Stars brings not only their unique musicality to the project, but a healthy dose of slapstick hi-jinks as well.

The Tim Gill All-Stars debut album, “Bon Appetit,” was released in December 2010, and showcases the band's signature hard-swinging style. It's currently enjoying widespread airplay on such prominent radio stations as KJAZZ 88.1 FM.


"Bon Appetit," 2010 (independent)

Set List

Library includes over 200 unique arrangements of classic American Songbook repertoire, as well as swinging big band versions of 60's and 70's soul and rock, and some original tunes. Examples include:

"Sunny" - Bobby Hebb
"Hallelujah, I Love Her So" - Ray Charles
"When I'm 64," "Norweigan Wood" - The Beatles
"Happy Together" - the Turtles
"Jumpin' at the Woodside" - Count Basie
"You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby"