Tim Gleeson

Tim Gleeson


New folk, singer-songwriter acoustic-americana original music


Tim Gleesons' American-Northeastern music is a melting pot of tradition and innovation. His songs are forever evolving art forms that are highly crafted yet simple, emotional and strong. At the core the songs are life stories given breath through melody nestled on a harmonic bed of folk, blues, jazz, R&B and country infused sounds. His recordings are stirring and soulful mahogany-voiced performances accompanied by his sensitive guitar, keyboards and harmonica playing. There are also some organic productions made with accomplished musicians that happen to be great friends too. One thing for sure is that his music somehow reaches out and touches the heart and soul.

Tim has been growing a “one fan at a time” base of dedicated followers for his writing and shows which give credit to his lifelong commitment to his calling. For several years, Tim traveled the world supporting and writing with superstar pop group Sister Sledge. This led to living in LA to pursue a session career that in turn resulted in opening for Jazz singer Anita Bakers' Rapture tour and doing demo recordings with Arnold McCuller from James Taylors' band. For an artist, these experiences are all pieces of the big picture that in the end help to define him.

Tim is at home on the East Coast now doing music as usual but this time it is his own voice and writing that are moving him forward. His diverse history coupled with the gift and sheer love of music is what makes Tim Gleeson stand out, be counted and deliver.


1. Tim Gleeson (soon to be released) promos available now.
2. streaming tracks at www.timgleeson.com

Set List

45 minute to 1 hour 15 min. sets. 1-2 per night depending on venue. original songs with a couple of covers/traditional songs.

song list: The Kid's OK, Run to You, No Sad Songs, An Old Love, Little Things, Hard Times Come Again No More, Pure Love, It's Just a Heart, 1000 Miles to Freedom, Play for You