Tim Goss

Tim Goss


Christian Country, sing country and some bluegrass. I am pretty versitile. I am willing to sing wherever as long as I can sing my music. I sing to soundtracks, no band.


I grew up in Missouri where I grew to love country music. I knew that listening to secular country music was wrong but there just wasn’t anything in gospel music that was country like I wanted to listen to. I did very little singing because I was extremely shy but I knew that if there was one thing I would love to do it was to make gospel music that sounded like country music. Music that sounded so good that it would even appeal to sinners and they would listen to it and be blessed by God and maybe even be SAVED! I have been singing off and on for the last 5 years at local churches and many different events such as fairs and festivals. I would love to be able to sing anywhere I could get a chance. I have made 3 CDs
and working on my 4th.


I have released a few songs to radio with a very good response. This is very costly and can't do to much right now. I don't have any singles playing at the moment.
You can listen to my music on www.timgossministries.org

Set List

I have done events from as little as one songs up to two hours. I am pretty flexible that way. I have many different line ups to accomadate the event.