Tim Hall

Tim Hall


New and Old country, very upbeat and energetic. Some great original material, getting major airplay nationally.


Influences are serious country artists new and old. We play the material note for note like the original and have a lot of fun doing it.


Jesus and Johnny Cash

Written By: tim hall

The first time that I cussed God was when I had no shoes it was dead middle of the winter I had an unhealthy attitude. I got down with a bad case of the why is me's till I rounded out the corner and saw a man who had no feet.
Meanwhile I was back at the bar drinking away my mind, funny how the devil will put you there when you try to do what's right. Then a sermon came from the strange place a jukebox with stained glass they were preaching to me back to back Jesus and Johnny Cash. Chorus One man walked the line one man walked the sea from the folsum prison to the rugged cross I knew they were talking just to me. Then the record started skipping like the clicking from a train track, dressed in white dressed in black Jesus and Johnny Cash.
One man told me how he loved me even when I cussed him out the other showed his middle finger to some record people in the crowd, then he said don't do as I've done son listen to this man then the man in white showed me a picture of love through the hole in his hand.
Bridge, People are stuck in prison not knowing that they're bound. Johnny showed me I was shackled and Jesus showed me how to get out! Chorus End.


Last Rodeo, Jesus and Johnny Cash, and Pretty Up Sweet Thang.

Set List

Folsum Prison Lots of Toby Keith, Dwight Yoakum, Kenny Chesney, some southern rock, and old rock and good number of elvis.