Tim Hildebrandt

Tim Hildebrandt

 Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Tim HIldebrandt draws you into his songs with an easy style, telling stories of life and the people he's met. His song catalog defies being confined to a single genre, reflecting a diverse musical background. Tim's melodies are straight forward, straight to the heart.


Tim Hildebrandt has been performing and recording music throughout his life; but, he is first and foremost, a songwriter.
Born in Woodstock, NY, Tim grew up in a military family and traveled the world until settling into North Carolina for high school and college. Although Elvis Presley, the Everly Brothers, and the Beatles were his earliest influences, Tim's songwriting reflects the breadth of his musical career from soul to country rock.
He paid for his college classes at ECU, in Greenville N.C. playing in a band called "The Wreck of the Old 97" with Willie Lowery (later of Lumbee). The "Wreck" worked for a time as the house band in a Southern Soul club behind acts like the Dixie Cups and Major Lance.
In the '70's, he toured with his band, Heartwood, playing their own brand of country rock; promoting their albums "Wants and Needs" and "Nothin Fancy", produced by Paul Hornsby. They shared the stage with Delbert McClinton, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Vassar Clements, Earl Scruggs, and Jerry Jeff Walker.
When the band disbanded, Tim focused more on writing. After winning an "Emerging Artist" grant for songwriting, he moved to Nashville. There he met music producer and publisher Jerry Capehart ("Summertime Blues", "Turn Around Look at Me"). Jerry became Tim's publisher and friend and the two worked together until Jerry's death in 1998.
As a testament to his songwriting versatility, one of Tim's works, "My Old Summertime" was chosen by the Disney Channel for its TV show, "Even Stevens". Another of his songs "South of the Border" is popular with "Shag" music fans at beaches in the Southeast and airs every summer on beach radio stations.
Today, Tim describes himself as a songwriter who is a story teller. His songs meld his past musical experience with lyrics that chronicle our shared stories. Listeners find his music compelling, yet accessible.
In 2011, he released the CD, "Hombres" followed in 2012 with an EP, "6 of 1". Both are available on Itunes and CD Baby.
Tim has spent the last few months in the studio working on his new CD, "Loco Love",  released this fall.


Dylan Land

Written By: Tim Hildebrandt


Four hundred miles from Memphis on a four day run
I see the silhouettes of silos on highway sixty one
This road goes on forever, seems like it never ends
And winter’s around the corner, back in Dylan land

The flakes they shine like diamonds sparkling in my lights
I’ll layover in Saint Louis, won’t make it home tonight
I’m grinding out these miles with every gear I shift
The snow it hypnotizes my mind begins to drift

To that North Country girl with a smile that’s so severe
A heart that never lies and her eyes are crystal clear
Treats me with kind words a soft touch from a calloused hand
That’s why I can’t wait to make it back, back to Dylan land

She’ll say another prayer for me just like the ones before
Then she’ll stoke the fire, turn a light on at the door
This attraction is a mystery I may never understand
That draws me like a magnet, back to Dylan land

Sun down and the hills are turning white
With a beauty so intense and so grand
No more so than when she holds me tight
And the way that woman loves this man, back in Dylan land

I’ve always been a rambler never had a home
Content to live out my life out just like a rolling stone
But that creature from ten thousand lakes put a wrinkle in my plan
And that’s why I can’t wait to make it back, back to Dylan land

Tim Hildebrandt BMI 2012

Hobo Waitin On A Train

Written By: Tim Hildebrandt

Hobo Waiting On A Train

I’m just a damned old hobo waiting on a train
My world inside a red bandana tied to a walking cane
A change of socks, a coffee cup, a toothbrush and a comb
And a faded yellow photograph of a place I once called home

You’ll find me in the freight yard waiting on a ride
Spy an empty boxcar and shut myself inside
Light a can of sterno, in the flicker of the flame
Find some comfort from the cold and shelter from the rain
And I don’t know where I’m going don’t know where I’m bound
I live my life from day to day from town to shantytown
Some folks say I’m lazy, some say I’m insane
But I’m just a damned old hobo, waiting on a train

Sometimes in the summer I’ll hop a flatbed car
Fall asleep to the clickety-clack under a million stars
The whisper of the whistle and the wind upon my face
For just that one brief moment, there ain’t a better place

I’ve been beaten by a brakeman, rousted by the law
Thrown in jail for vagrancy outside of Wichita
But I ain’t above an odd job, push a broom from time to time
To get myself a hot meal and a little taste of wine

I’ve seen the southern marshlands, I’ve seen the Great Divide
I’ve seen a thousand sunsets guaranteed to make you cry
I’ve ridden through the heartland, felt it beating in my chest
Waded in the oceans on the east coast and the west

I don’t know how it came to pass or how it came to be
But I don’t owe the world a thing and that’s alright with me
So if you see me in the freight yard and ask me what’s my name
I’ll say I’m just a damned old hobo, waiting on a train

It's OK John

Written By: Tim Hildebrandt

Life in the band, and the fans, it was grand, fortune and fame
Singing your songs and we’d all sing along, and call out your name – John
Your were the one, you showed the way
Though the band is all gone, you know that the songs still remain

And oh, how you would speak of peace, brotherhood, love is the way
Played your guitar with your head in the stars, living dreams that you made
Your were the one, you showed the way
Though the band is all gone, you know that the songs still remain

Many years ago on a cold winter’s day
They'd kill the man, but not the songs that he made
And I’m here to say it’s O.K., it’s O.K. John

You were the one, you showed the way
And though that you’re gone you know that the songs still remain

Many years ago on a cold winter’s day
They would kill the man but not the songs that he made
They sing them today it’s O.K., it’s O.K. John..

Tim Hilldebrandt Music BMI

Loco Love

Written By: Tim Hildebrandt

Johnny worked the carnival, he loved the travelin’ life
He took tickets for the ferris wheel and fixed the neon lights
Janie was half crazy with her butterfly tattoo
That said I’m willin’, how bout you

They met on the midway when the carnie rolled through town
Johnny winked at Janie, smiled and turned around
Janie looked at Johnny, she said, “My Lord above,
That boy looks like loco love”

It was loco love in the cab of his pickup truck
Loco love anywhere that they ended up
Even on the Ferris wheel above
It was crazy so they called it loco love.

Johnny bought a diamond ring that turned her finger green
He bought it at a five and dime out of a gum machine
Janie got a new tattoo and written just above
It said John plus Janie equals loco love

It’s been some twenty years since Johnny bought that diamond ring
They own the Ferris wheel, Janie’s finger still turns green
And written on their ticket booth in neon red as blood
Take the ride of your life on loco love

It was crazy just how far one ride goes
Crazy so they called it loco love, loco love, loco love…