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Tim Holehouse/ Timothy C Holehouse

Dorchester, England, United Kingdom

Dorchester, England, United Kingdom
Band Americana Folk


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Rob Da bank played Crazy on his show on radio 1 (and previous projects have received airplay)

Streaming on www.myspace.com/timholehouse or www.myspace.com/timothycholehouse


Unnamed Track on the Satellites and Clouds compilation album – Little Pieces of Sky (sat 008) Tim Holehouse - My Little Pieces of Sky.
A six minute drone instrumental track with several loops and layers building and sliding along.

Leeds Christmas comp
A compilation of bands playing at the Leeds Christmas party show at the Packhorse. I gave them my Christmas song “Christmas Attacks” Although its Listed as “Christmas Song”. Also featured are Fabulous Foxes, Kill Manticore, Chickenhawk and Agents of the Moria.

Tim Holehouse - Found Dead on the Shore Line (Milliepeed Records - Mill 017)
My seven track debut album. Its taken seven years to get the guts and skill up to record this record but I’m pleased with the result and it has given me lots to build on in the future.

Tim Holehouse/Radio Mast – split CD (red tide records) (RTR 001)
A tour split for a 10 day tour between me and Radio Mast, featuring two old instrumental pieces I found on 4 track tapes while on a tidy up and one new piece. Radio Mast plays war time jazz and drone songs... amazing structures builds and the guitar play is superb!

Tim Holehouse/My Summer As A Salvation Soldier - split CD (SAT 009)
Another tour this time with Iceland’s My Summer As A Salvation Soldier. Three new tracks from Thorir of a stark minimal nature. I have five tracks on this release, three fairly up beat songs, one instrumental and a drone piece. This was to commemorate our tour together in June 2006.

Punk compilation - This is our Punk rock
A punk comp but with me on it with the track “Oranges Are the Only Fruit”. The comp includes amongst others Heroic Doses and King Blues.

Milliepeed Acoustic Compilation (Milliepeed records)
I wrote a song about Jim and his lady friend after he told me an amazing little story... it’s a very soppy love song . The song is called “Candle Light Dancers”.

Tim Holehouse/Naomi Hates Humans - Cover versions Split EP
A split of cover versions. Naomi is a genius anti folk musician with an amazing voice and provides some amazing versions of other peoples songs. I supply some interesting cover versions of some songs I love.

Tim Holehouse - Seven (7) Tape cassette (Necropolis gateway records 007)
This is a cassette tape label and has some mono mixes of three tracks recorded at home on an 8 track. The tracks will also be available on my split CD with Joe Hastings. This release is limited to 50 copies.

9 Hertz compilation (Calculon records)
I have give Ninehertz ( my favourite stoner and doom site) Woodbine, a song I wrote in the Welsh mountains.

Tim Holehouse/Joe Hasting split CD EP
The same tracks but different mixes of the tracks from the tape. For my trip to Hong Kong in September 2007. Joe is the former drummer of Dollarhyde and is based in Hong Kong.

Tim Holehouse/USAISAMONSTER - Split 7” (mass distro)
A split 7” for our East coast American tour together in October 2007, a new track from me called “Broken Mantra”, featuring Richard Jones (Bad Admiral) on bass and drums.

Split CD with Attack! Vipers! The rabid hardcore band who are formed of ex members of Jets vs Sharks, Thirst and Last Kiss. They will provide backing on my track and I will play guitar and sing. So it will be a split record in the truest sense of the word.

Tim Holehouse - From the Dawn Chorus...
The second album will be a two part CD. The first part will be a more Folk/Country songbased album with 11 tracks. This will be an expansion of the material on Found Dead on the Shoreline with the inclusion of drums, bass, piano, brass and strings...

Timothy C Holehouse - ...To the Howls at Midnight
The Howls at Midnight is the second part and will be a minimal piece of work with the odd click and pop of a drum machine or sampled loop or field recording along with treated guitar sounds.

Timothy C Holehouse Ensemble - Persian Seas EP
A collaboration record with various artists.




Born in Dorchester on the 9th November 1976, I was a premature baby… we moved to Portsmouth when I was 1 and a half.
My Dad was a Navy Officer my Mum was in the Wrens. I grew up with a love of the sea and I guess the sea front in Portsmouth still holds a huge amount of nostalgia for me. I’ve been in loads of bands over the years, from the age of 15 with Electric Dissarria to Among the Missing, arguably my most successful.
So why did I go solo? Well I always messed around with songs away from whatever current band I was in for several years. I guess just to satisfy myself more than anything, I never thought I would release a solo record or tour my stuff, I did the odd acoustic show and released material under the guise of 'the host sepia', but I was never really entirely happy with the songs or performances. So it was sporadically done and certainly not something I envisaged I would ever do for a full time career.
After a chance gig with Funeral Diner, Seth from the band threatened to put my solo album out, I thought he was joking and thought nothing more of it until he was back over 2 and half years later. When he asked me where said album was it came as a bit of a shock. It was just what I needed having improved and scraped many of the songs over the years to actually get something done. I pushed myself to write and record an album. So after spending a few weeks writing in my room I made use of a cottage in the middle of Dorset, three miles from anywhere to finish writing and recording a demo of tracks for the album.
Funnily enough on my way down to this I saw my friend Paulo who was working a post round on my street and he offered to record the material when I got back. After a few months spending evenings putting down material along with a few shows (one of which being for Jim of Millipeed records… who was taken with my music and offered to do the UK edition of the CD). I had two tracks left to record which I thought would work well with a drummer. I asked my friend Mark Braby of the Gamma Ray Ritual. We spent a few hours recording the tracks down live with Andy Coules I then drove back to Andy’s place to record the vocals and mix the track in one day.
On the 3rd of February the album was released, after an evening at Jim’s spent building the sleeves. A week later not only did another release emerge but a tour with Radio Mast, this ten-day tour saw us cross the UK and made me do something I never thought I’d do… a solo tour.
Since then it has rolled onto further shows tours and record releases, not to mention taken me around the world playing shows and touring in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Iceland, France, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the US.
Having spent the last year and a half living on the road touring as much as possible I learnt not only a lot about myself, but about how my music works and this has seen me further develop my skills.
This time on the road has also seen the mildly Jekyll and Hyde gesture of splitting me up into two guises after confusion about my constant skipping of styles confused people, Timothy C Holehouse was born in Mid 2008. Albums by both Tim Holehouse and Timothy C Holehouse arrive in February 2009.
This solo material is for purely selfish reasons, simply the honest truth… if you like it, I thank you from the depths of my heart, I am venting several inner demons and this is the reason I do what I do. There is no point in doing anything unless you feel so passionately for it you’re prepared to put your heart and soul into doing it.
And you know what, to quote Spencer Moody of the Murder City Devils: “I never heard a sad song that I didn’t like".